Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wedding Shower Weekend

This past weekend was a fun one! I traveled to Houston to attend my sister's bridal shower on Saturday. Because of The Sickness, I had to miss out on her first shower. She and I were both heartbroken. NO WAY was I missing this weekend!

As is typical for my family, the weekend plan was complicated. Hubby was in the middle of a week-long business trip to Little Rock. Not only was he not here (which is my favorite place for him to be, by the way), he was working 18+ hours a day and suffering from some sleep-deprivation-delirium. He called me once just to tell me that he really liked his rental car. But I digress... Mom and I agreed that it would be best if the boys did not have to travel with us to Houston...but what to do with them? Hubby made a few phone calls, and it was decided that the cowboys would spend a fun weekend in West Texas with my in-laws. My precious brother-in-law loaded them up after school on Friday and drove them halfway to Abilene, where he met his mom and left them in her capable hands. The way they tell it, the change of scenery and quality time with Mema was just what the doctor ordered. Their adventures included swimming, scorpions, movie-watching, puppies, and one fabulous meal at Famous Dave's. They were happy boys.
So while Hubby was in Arkansas and our children were in Abilene, Mom and I headed south on I-45. It was a weird feeling to be separated from my four guys, but at least we had my faithful beagle as a traveling companion!

The shower on Saturday was perfect. I was so proud of my sister...she was lovely and gracious. Planning a wedding can be really stressful, but she glows with happiness. She deserves every good thing, and this day was great!

The ladies of the family: Mom, Gran, Grandmama, Chelsea (my pretty sister-in-law-to-be), me, and Jenny (the bride).

Sweet Caroline was able to tear herself away from her husband of 2 weeks to come and honor Jenny. I adore this girl!

As the shower was winding down, the bridesmaids had a quick meeting to discuss top-secret wedding things. These girls are fun, and they love my sister! We missed you, Jennifer!
By the way, I am the Matron of Honor. But I hate that title. It sounds so...matronly. And Mother Goose-ish. So Jenny and the rest of the wedding party are under strict instructions to refer to me as the First Lady of the Wedding. They grudgingly obey.

The Original Five. Love and time have expanded our hearts and our numbers. Aren't we cute?

Melinda's home was packed with women who came to celebrate my sister. Some I knew, many I didn't. But as I made my way through the crowd, person after person stopped me to hug me and share how they have been praying for me and my family. I could feel God's presence so strongly through these delightful ladies. Friends, you touched my heart with your kind words and your faithful prayers. Thank you for the love you have for our family and your encouragement.

I enjoyed a nap after the shower, and then ended the day with a yummy dinner at Pappasito's with my siblings, their significant others, and two of our favorite cousins. I haven't laughed that much in a long time! The weekend was perfect, and my sister is happy. My cup overflows.


Heather Ashley said...

Love the pictures of your family and friends, but especially the one of Abby! :) Such a sweet puppy... I'm sooooo-oooooo glad you went to the shower. And I think it's great that you're the first person C calls when he thinks his rental car is awesome.

Love you, friend!


That Guy said...


3 Girl Mommy said...

I am just so incredibly happy that you felt well and able to go to Jenny's shower. I know how important she and all of your family are to you. What a sweet time. I'm so glad we're friends! Have I told you that lately?! :)Love you!!

Reckless said...

Mine sometimes calls me to gloat about the cool rental car he has, too. Other times, he just texts me a picture... not necessarily the nicest thing to do to someone who drives a french-fry-laden minivan on its last legs. I always forgive him when he brings me hotel soap. :) So great seeing your cute face on Monday!

The Horton Family said...

Looks like a great time. Glad you got to go. What a wonderful family you have.

Betty H said...

What a fun weekend - so glad you could enjoy it. Bet that was a rowdy table at Pappasito's - makes good memories for the memory bank!
Betty H
(Abby looks very loved!)

Michelle Burleson said...

Is there anything you can write that WON'T bring tears to my eyes?!?!?!?
Allyson, I think about you every day and hope and pray for health and peace for you. I'm so thankful that you can find joy in life - your happiness over Caroline's and now Jenny's wedding shines through.

P.s. I wish I had known the boys would be in Abilene. Jared would have loved to see them!

nancydtb said...

I am the mother of Gayla Greeson who goes to the same church as your mother. Want you to know that I pray for you daily and read your blogs as well.
Gayla's sister went through chemo 12 years ago and I'm very familiar with it since I was with her every second. FYI she's still with us and very healthy...!