Thursday, April 28, 2011


Goliath: "Why are you drinking water with your breakfast, Baby?"
Baby: "Because it's healthy for me. You know what else is healthy for me?"
Goliath: "What?"
Baby: "Pepperoni."

Baby: "Daddy is my buddy."
Me: "That's great! What am I?"
Baby: "You are my minion."

Baby: "Mommy, you know I am having a lot of problems today."
Me: "No...what kind of problems?"
Baby: "Like finger problems and toe problems."

Baby (expressing frustration to himself while playing Super Mario Brothers on the Wii): "I can't believe I only have 64 free men! But thank God I got the freeze balls!"

Monday, April 25, 2011


The blog is neglected.
I'm drowning in dirty laundry.
I can't find anything.
I haven't cooked a meal that's worth anything in days.

And here's why:

Today Hubby and I signed final papers for our NEW HOUSE!!!

"Excited" does not begin to cover it! We outgrew our current house a while back--it has gotten smaller as the boys have grown bigger. The new house has plenty of space, both inside and out.

Tonight we picked up dinner at Rosa's and had our first meal in our new house...picnic-style on the kitchen floor. The boys got to bring a few things over for their new rooms. Goliath brought his CD player and his art supplies, Little Middle brought his Lego Star Wars ships, and Baby chose to bring his hats. Even Abby Dog got to come, and she was a big hit with the little girls who live next door!

The five of us are over-the-moon-thrilled about our new place. There is much more work to be done (including the "big" moving day this weekend) before we are settled there. But while I'm making a path through all the U-Haul boxes, I will be thankful. He has given us so much!

P.S. I promise that when the move is done, the blog will be revived.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Do's and Don'ts for the Chemo Room

In honor of my LAST day in the chemo room (!!!), I have put together a little list of do's and don'ts for basic etiquette. I tell the little cowboys all the time that manners matter...even in the chemo room. Here's what and what not to do.

1. DO mind your own business. We might have to share nurses, but my cancer is mine and your cancer is yours.

2. DO NOT ask me every time you see me if I've tried the peppermint-flavored water. Maybe I don't like peppermint. Or maybe I don't like water. Probably I'm running out of polite responses.

3. DO wear a nose strip if it keeps you from snoring while you nap.

4. DO NOT talk about nose hair. I do not want to hear about whether you have it or not, nor do I care to know whether blowing your nose is easier during allergy season if said nose hair has begun to grow back.

5. DO keep private information private. Just like sex, any conversation about bodily fluids and/or functions easily lends itself to a TMI label.

6. DO NOT offer to share your neck pillow or blanket with me. Ick.

7. DO NOT ask me about the specifics of my case. Chances are that I hate being here, and having to rehash the depressing details with a stranger only makes me hate it more.

8. DO cover your head. Chemotherapy is a beast, and we all know it. There is no need to flaunt what it has stolen from you, thereby reminding the rest of us what we have also lost.

9. DO NOT, under any circumstances, wear pajamas, a housecoat, your slippers, or a crown to the chemo room. No way can you keep your dignity if you do.

10. DO wear a bra. Please.

11. DO NOT say things like "These pole covers are so cute!" or "That was easy, wasn't it?" Nothing in the chemo room is cute or easy to deal with.

12. DO be very careful what you eat in the chemo room. Because Mexican food and chemotherapy don't mix.