Monday, October 15, 2007

New Year, Fresh Start

Today is my birthday. This day each year is special, but it seems that the older I get (and the more kids I have) it is less significant and not as celebrated. Not so this year. This morning dawned dark and rainy, but I feel as though the sun is shining through every window. Knowing that had things gone differently, this birthday could have very well been my last--or I might not have seen it at all--has changed me. God not only spared my life but gave me a new outlook as well. I am grateful for the time I have and I intend to spend it well. I am so thankful for my family: my 4 guys love me and gave me a reason to fight to get well. I am blessed with the greatest friends a girl could ask for. I may not understand why God allowed me to endure the trial of cancer, but I understand that the lessons to be learned from my experience are a treasure. It is my prayer that the coming year will be filled with "ah-ha!" moments, when I catch a glimpse of the Father's amazing plan for me, side-splitting laughter, and tremendous love.

P.S. Here are my 3 little cowboys, picnicking in the backyard last week:

Friday, October 5, 2007


I ate lunch with my son this morning.
No kidding. I am trying to make the most of the few weeks I have left before I return to work, so I took advantage of the 2 little boys being at school today to have lunch with Goliath. Only, it was really brunch because kindergarteners eat lunch at 10:30. In the morning. It's silly.
We worked out the plan before he left for school this morning. "Mommy, I want a Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich with no pickles and some french fries and a lemonade." No problem. Except when I got to Chick-Fil-A at 10:10, they were still serving breakfast. I explained to the lady working the drive-thru intercom that I was having lunch with my 5-year-old son in 20 minutes and all he really wanted to eat was a chicken sandwich. The lunch kind. She checked with the manager, and they whipped up a special-order chicken sandwich just for me.
I would have been slightly embarrassed, but the look on Goliath's face was more than worth the extra trouble. We had a delightful brunch (although I only sipped a sweet tea, having just finished breakfast), and as he kissed me goodbye and headed to the playground, he said, "Mommy, that is the best chicken sandwich I ever did have. I love you VERY MUCH."
And I melted.