Tuesday, July 5, 2011

June Wrap-Up

Summer is almost half over. I blinked my eyes, it was July already. So, mostly for the sake of documentation, here's some of what went on around this zoo in June.

In June, I...

--said goodbye to precious friends who moved to Tennessee. Richard and Christina, you may never know this side of heaven the extraordinary impact you have had on me and my family. I miss you, and will continue to pray for you. Deuteronomy 28:3!!!

--had a painful, emotionally charged visit with Dr. M, which led me to the decision that I must find a new oncologist.

--went to 2 last-day-of-school parties with my oldest cowboys. Saying goodbye to their teachers and their school was tough.

--got my mop 'o curls cut and colored. Mustered every ounce of courage I have and went public with it. Still not loving it.

--let my cowboys visit their grandparents for six days by themselves. Oh, the QUIET!!

--traveled to West Texas with Hubby to visit family and retrieve the cowboys. I especially enjoyed pool time with my little guys and spending time with Sweet Mema, my grandmother-in-law.

--watched Little Middle shine at Lego Camp with his best buddy. That smile of his is priceless!

--got de-ported. Day surgery to remove my chemo port was not too bad. I am SO glad to have it out!

--continued with my Pinterest problem obsession. I found a few DIY projects that I loved...look what I made!!!:

That precious menu board is nothing but cute paper in a simple frame. I write on the glass with an Expo marker and erase it every week with a paper towel. Easy! And no one ever asks "What's for dinner?" anymore. :)

--taught 4-year-olds in VBS at church. I loved the time with my beloved co-teacher, but I realized that summer is not my best season for teaching. I blame the lack of patience on the heat.

--went on a day adventure with the cowboys to visit my brother at a youth camp where he was working. I got a lot more than I bargained for when we attended the afternoon worship service. Our friend John sang a song that he and my brother wrote together while I was sick last year. I was humbled and honored to have camp leaders and youth pray for me and lay hands on me and my family. It was the most extraordinary spiritual experience I've had in a long time. I left Waxahachie with a full and grateful heart.

(BTW, I highly recommend the "Declaration" record by John Sherrill. Get it!)

--continued to look for my favorite cookbook and my camera, both of which are missing since we moved. It explains the lack of creativity in my menu planning and the poor quality of pictures in this post.