Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Gearing Up for Kindergarten

Yesterday I took Goliath to register for kindergarten. We have been talking it up BIG at home, and even wrote a song together about the greatness that is kindergarten. We were fully armed with the wheelbarrow of paperwork that proves he is of age (although he looks like he could pass for 3rd grade) and that he lives within the magical boundary line. Upon arriving, I was handed a clipboard with another stack of papers that needed to be filled out. Goliath waited nervously while I wrote the names and numbers of our emergency contacts over and over again, obviously anticipating the tour of the school the PTA stranger had promised him. He kept trying to climb onto my lap, which makes it difficult to write, so I finally tried to calm him down. I pointed out the other children waiting with their parents and said, "See these other boys and girls? They are all going to be your friends when you go to kindergarten! Won't that be great?" To which he replied, "I think I just want to be friends with people I already know."
It could be a long summer.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Happy Birthday, Little Middle!

Dear Little Middle,

Happy 3rd Birthday! I can't believe it's been 3 years since I went into labor in the grocery store and you almost came into the world surrounded by fresh produce. Given the intensity of that labor and my certainty that I would see Jesus' face before I saw yours, it's a small miracle that we have made it through infancy and toddlerhood together.

We have had so much fun celebrating you this weekend. Daddy and I were able to persuade you that a day at Six Flags with us would be tons more fun than a birthday party with your friends (not to mention relieving me of the responsibility of supervising a bunch of other people's 3-year-olds!). We spent Saturday at the amusement park, and you were certainly amusing! As soon as we stepped inside the gate, we met Batman and Robin. Not only were you not afraid of a 6-foot bat in spandex, you introduced yourself and informed him that it was your birthday! Then...HOLY HAPPINESS, BATMAN! You got to be photographed with Wonder Woman! Isn't it cool to be three?!?!?

We were pleasantly surprised at the number of rides you were eligible to enjoy with a grown-up in tow, and even more surprised that you were fearless. The only bad part of the day was trying to explain to you why Goliath could ride the Judge Roy Scream but you couldn't. Daddy managed to distract you with the chance to ride the Mini Mine Train just ONE MORE TIME....just you and him.

By the time we got home and retrieved Baby (thanks, Ms. Aimee!), it was late and the cupcakes I had promised to bake for you to take to Sunday School the next morning became nothing more than a good intention. We all crashed.

On Sunday morning, I got up early and baked some muffins for your birthday breakfast. You were so excited to have a candle in your muffin! We sang to you and you blew it out--then ate half the muffin, went back for more, and made us do the whole thing over again.

We bought a couple dozen doughnuts on the way to church to make my good intentions a reality. After church, you were Cookout Buddy Supremo and we enjoyed a birthday picnic in the backyard. Then presents and cake, followed by a bike-riding lesson. You love your new bike, complete with Diego helmet and elbow pads.

It was a good birthday to celebrate a terrific little boy. When I was pregnant and we were waiting for you, I often wondered how I would ever love my second child like I loved my first. That worry melted away the moment I laid eyes on you. I love you the same as your brothers, yet differently--because you are your own amazing person. You make us laugh SO MUCH! You have a good heart and overwhelming enthusiasm (exhibited first thing every morning when you run to see if your lima bean plant has grown overnight). You do your own thing, yet still want the comfort of being close to those you know love you. You have a special place in our family and a forever place in my heart. Happy Birthday, Little Man.



Thursday, March 22, 2007

So...I gave up and got a blog. Everybody's doing it, right?!?!?

I am 31 years old. I love Jesus and my church. I love my husband and my kids. I love Texas, dessert, bedtime, good books, a clean house, and the occasional margarita. We live within driving distance of our family, but not too close, so a blog seems like a good way for people we love to keep up with the craziness that is our life! 3 little boys call me "Mommy." They are the sunshine in my life for sure! For blogging purposes, I will reference them by their nicknames: Goliath (5 yrs. old), Little Middle (2 yrs. old), and Baby (16 months). Unless you know us, you are probably wondering "Why 'Goliath'?" Our oldest son weighed 8 lbs, 12 oz. at birth and has consistently grown into a preschool linebacker. He is husky and strong--a gentle giant--and we hope he grows up to play for the NFL so he can take care of us when we're old.

Life with 3 preschoolers is fun and crazy and exhausting. We laugh a lot, cry a little, and my story is worth telling (doesn't every parent think that?). Case in point: Although I try to avoid taking all 3 boys to the grocery store if at all possible, the other day we were out of chicken and pickle chips. We can not live without either, so we made a grocery run. At the checkout counter, I got the usual comment from the cashier: "3 boys, huh? You sure do have your hands full!" To which Goliath replied: "And this isn't all, either. We have a dog, and a daddy, too!"

Until next time...