Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Gearing Up for Kindergarten

Yesterday I took Goliath to register for kindergarten. We have been talking it up BIG at home, and even wrote a song together about the greatness that is kindergarten. We were fully armed with the wheelbarrow of paperwork that proves he is of age (although he looks like he could pass for 3rd grade) and that he lives within the magical boundary line. Upon arriving, I was handed a clipboard with another stack of papers that needed to be filled out. Goliath waited nervously while I wrote the names and numbers of our emergency contacts over and over again, obviously anticipating the tour of the school the PTA stranger had promised him. He kept trying to climb onto my lap, which makes it difficult to write, so I finally tried to calm him down. I pointed out the other children waiting with their parents and said, "See these other boys and girls? They are all going to be your friends when you go to kindergarten! Won't that be great?" To which he replied, "I think I just want to be friends with people I already know."
It could be a long summer.

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