Sunday, May 9, 2010

Camp Momanmee 2010

This weekend I got to take Little Middle to Camp Momanmee at our church! This special event for Pre-K and Kindergarten boys and their moms is something we look forward to all year long. On Friday afternoon, Little Middle got home from school at 3:15. At 3:17, he said, "Mom, is it time to go to church yet?" I had a tough time keeping him distracted for the rest of the afternoon--I finally gave up and we arrived 20 minutes before camp was supposed to start!
Ready to go!

Enjoying a hot dog dinner with his good pal Cody

This year's Camp Momanmee had a "critter" theme. If there was ever a little boy who loved all creatures great and small, it is my Little Middle! He was especially excited about seeing CritterMan and all of his unique (and icky) animals.

Excited friends waiting for CritterMan!

Rose the Tarantula
Did you know that if a girl tarantula gets mad at a boy tarantula then she will rip his head off with her fangs and eat him? Yikes.

Legs the legless lizard

"Kubwa Mududu"--Swahili for "big bug"

This Madagascar hissing cockroach was indeed a kubwa mududu. Little Middle was thrilled when CritterMan asked him to help out with the giant bug. Me--not so much.

Little Middle was not afraid to pet this huge skink...

or this enormous python!

He asked me in the sweetest voice if I would pretty please touch the snake, too. Only a mother's love could oblige a request like that! Shudder.

After CritterMan left with his pets, we had plenty of other fun things to do.

We hunted for bugs,

made smores,

jumped in the bounce house,

went for a walk in the dark with our flashlights,

and watched a late-night movie.

Finally asleep!

I had a spectacular time with my boy, and I know we will both hold on to the memories we made together for a long, long time. Hooray for being a boy mom!


3 Girl Mommy said...

Looks like so much fun!! Almost makes me wish I had me some boys.....almost!:)

Caroline said...

A hissing cockroach???? Oh, dear! I am so glad you could spend that time with Little Middle! I know he loved it as much as you did!

Melynda said...

I'm so glad you told me we should come. We had a great time! I had to laugh at you after you touched that snake-- you were shuddering for a good 30 seconds! What a good mom you are to rest up and be ready for such an exhausting event (even for those of us who do not have cancer!) and then even to go to a soccer game the next day! I know Little Middle appreciates your attention and support, even if he doesn't understand how hard it might be for you at times!