Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Non-Cancer Blogging Event: The Happy List

Sweet Caroline (the person, not the song, who you can read a little bit about here) has been one of a handful of friends who have been lucky enough--ha ha!--to be included in my inner circle during the last six months. Actually, for many years, Caroline was my inner circle. Anyway, one day last week while I was crying and lamenting to her over the phone about The Sickness, she said something simple but profound: "You need a break from cancer." And you know what? She's absolutely right.
I can't control the cancer, but I CAN control my blog. So for the next couple of weeks, on the advice of my BFF, you are invited to tune in to the Non-Cancer Blogging Event. It's simple: I will not write about cancer. Instead, I will write about the little cowboys. I will write about my husband, our pets, how much laundry I'm not doing, what's for dinner, what God is teaching me. I will show you some pictures. But you won't read a word about The Sickness. It is my hope that this will not help me to hide, but allow me to heal. And I promise that it's not forever--just a few weeks of what I wanted to share in the first place: my crazy, chaotic, noisy, wouldn't-trade-it-for-anything life.
With all that's happened recently, I can't think of a better way to begin the NCBE than with things that make me happy. So here they are, in a list form that is in no particular order and is by no means conclusive:
1. old school Super Mario Brothers
2. die cuts
3. Bath & Body Works antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers
4. sea turtles
5. soft blankets
6. feeding the ducks at the park
7. white Christmas lights
8. flip flops
9. Target
10. a clean house
11. Abby dog
12. Big Red soda
13. Real Simple magazine
14. parades
15. fresh linen/clean cotton scents
16. Phineas & Ferb
17. my first cup of morning coffee
18. babies
19. Sonic happy hour
20. buying a new calendar for a new year
21. Brilliant Sky toy store
22. snow
23. my "Tuesday Sisters" Bible study group
24. Ann Taylor Loft
25. preschool
26. lazy summer days at the pool
27. school/office supplies
28. Glee
29. The Office
30. homemade guacamole with Tia Rosa chips
31. Texas
32. Jodi Picoult books
33. musicals
34. being at home on a rainy day
35. classic Disney movies
36. Blue Bell ice cream
37. petting zoos
38. penguins
39. gift cards
40. looking at old pictures
41. my red high heels
42. pedicures
43. fun jewelry
44. playing Uno
45. making lists


Anonymous said...

Hey! #45 cracked me up - "Lists" You can begin making lots of those with school starting just around the corner! By the way...thanks for cutting out my lamination!!!

Gail W.

Heather Ashley said...

Love your list!

One thing that makes me happy when I look at your blog is the new pics of you and your boys! And babies make me happy too. And what is it about Real Simple magazine that makes you feel all organized and calm when you read it? Must be something they put in the pages instead of purfume sampes...

Love you, friend! You're awesome.

Anonymous said...
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Sharon said...

Ha! Now I know why we are friends! My list would be full of about 80% of the same things!!!

Remember that night I ran into you and B after Bible study at Target?? That's what I think of when I read this list -

Love you girl. Have a great NCBE!

Caroline said...

I LOVE IT!!!! You rock and I can't wait to read more!

bhayes11 said...

Love it! One thing on my list of things that make me happy ..... seeing you happy!

bhayes11 said...

...and another thing on my list... friends like Caroline!

Kandice said...

One thing I love is getting directions from hotel front desk staff and getting totally lost because they are totally wrong!!! That memory still makes me laugh!!!

The Horton Family said...

I love the NCBE! Great idea Caroline! :) Love you H!

Jennifer and Jason said...

#46--When you see the shadow of your car and it reminds you of a Disney character! :)

Howie said...

All you need is Phineas & Ferb along with guacamole and Tia Rosa chips....and then of course Jenny and I with you.... :)

Kristin Cox said...

What a great list. At least half are the same on my list.
Just catching up on the blog. Like the short break idea.
Enjoy your mom this week.

Kristin-from Houston