Monday, August 23, 2010

NCBE: First Day of School

First Day of School!

Little Middle is going to first grade.

Goliath is going to third grade.

Little Middle is proud of his new backpack!

Brothers and best buddies.

Ready to go into his classroom--too big for Mom to go with him.

This little guy also told us that he didn't need us to go with him to his classroom.
"I can do it all by myself, Mom."

I couldn't bear to let him go alone...maybe when he goes to high school.
The cowboys had a great first day! They both like their teachers and have lots of friends in their classes. Baby loved his first day, too, because he got the Wii all to himself!
Welcome back, School Year. I have missed you.


Momma Wolg said...

The boys have grown up so much. Goliath is looking so much older.
Sweet boys...all 3.
Praying this is a GREAT year for all our kids.
Love you all.

bhayes11 said...

Very handsome guys! Glad it was a good first day.

wilsonfamily said...

SO cute! I hope they have a great school year!!!

Michelle Burleson said...

We miss you guys!! The boys look so handsome for their first day of school. At least you got to walk yours in & take pictures. Mine is riding the bus and only gives me a half-hearted hug before he leaves! LOL

love ya!