Friday, August 13, 2010

NCBE: This Post Is Brought To You By The Letter "B"


Mommy and fresh-off-their-honeymoon Aunt Jenny and Uncle Howie took the boys to watch the Rough Riders play ball in Frisco. What with all the hot dog eating and rolling down the hill, we didn't see too much of the actual game, but the post-game fireworks were spectacular!


Dog biscuits for Abby and her cousins...

and brownies for the humans.


Abby turns 12!!!

Some of us may or may not have sampled Abby's birthday gifts.


We toured the local Blue Bell factory with some friends.

Row after row of the country's best ice cream + a -36 degree Celsius walk-in freezer= Texas summer heaven


The Karate Cowboy


Heather Ashley said...

I LOVE the letter B! Such fun pictures, and fun summer times. Thanks for sharing them with us! :)

wilsonfamily said...

Thanks for sharing the adorable pictures!!! Happy Birthday, Abby dog!!! Luke has been talking about how sweet you are.

bhayes11 said...

Happy Birthday to Abby dog!

Reckless said...

I didn't know you could tour that local facility. You will have to share the particulars. So great to see you on Monday night!

CRIM said...

it is very possible that my husband was in the pool there that night - did someone almost get hit in the head with a baseball in the grass seats while talking on the phone?

Allison said...

Blue Bell is a favorite at our house...and it doesnt help that my husband is one of their employees. My diet is in shambles! (I love it!) Found you blog through a friends, I pray for you often.