Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Insomniac Blogging: Fourth Edition

--Double heartbreak:  RIP, Margaret and Annette.  You were both greatness in your own arenas.
--What's up, April?  Today:  80 degrees and sunshine.  Tomorrow:  50 degrees and rain.  The channel 5 weather guy looks like he's going to have a stroke.
--"Why do people say radical?  They should just say rad.  Rad-i-cal.  It doesn't make any sense.  It's three syllables!"--Little Middle
--Little Middle and Baby played their first soccer game of the season last Saturday.  So serious!  They, of course, had a great time, and I'm sure that if we actually kept score, they would have been the winners.
--I am still waiting for definite decisions from MDA about the next step to deal with Monster.  There is some discussion going on among several different doctors.  The waiting is excruciating, but Monster seems to be behaving himself in there in the meantime.
--I try to imagine what my life would look like if there were no regular doctor visits, treatment schedules, needle sticks, or IV drips.  I can barely think of it.
--Check out these cowboys!
They're cute, huh?
--My alarm clock died.  I have used it almost every night for 20+ years, starting sometime in high school.  It lived a good life and served me well.
--"Oh Hannah! Oh Hannah!"--Baby, explaining to me the picture in his Bible of the people waving palm branches and praising Jesus as he rode the donkey into Jerusalem.
--The school nurse called me two times in one day for two different kids.  She told me that she was going to program my number into her speed dial; I told her I was going to put in with the school board for a raise for her.  We're getting to be great friends.  Oh--both kids got sent back to class and managed to finish the day.  I'm a super mom!
--"No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear."--C.S. Lewis
--We had an AC repairman out to our house last week.  Before he left, he used his phone to snap a picture of my cross wall.  Weird.
--"A lot of times I don't know how to end a conversation with an adult, so I just say 'Have a nice day.'  It's kind of awkward."--M, Little Middle's buddy
--My family goes through a LOT of bread and milk.
--Once upon a time I created a menu for family dinners an entire month in advance.  I still plan for meals, but I only do it weekly.
--I have never gone on a cruise, and I have no desire to. 
--Irish cream is my favorite coffee creamer flavor.
--There are a couple of fairly large lizards living close by.  Last summer we loosely determined that there is a boy lizard who likes to sun himself on our freighbors' bricks and a girl lizard who prefers our shrubbery.  Now that the weather is getting warmer, there have been lizard sightings.  The kids are thrilled about lizard hunting and carry around a giant bucket on Saturdays between our two houses.  The adults are warily keeping an eye out for baby lizards.  Ick.


Anonymous said...

Praying for you and Clint. Family is the MOST important thing. Never give up and NEVER listen to anyone except God and your heart. Your mind will always get you in trouble.

B Hayes said...

Yes ma'am they are very cute!

The Horton Family said...

Love the pic of the boys. They are ridiculous. :)

Dawn McIntyre said...

I was beginning to think I was the only person on the planet that has no desire to go on a cruise!! Being essentially stranded on the open water where I can't see land with thousands of people I don't know does not sound like a good time to me...I am sorry for the insomnia, but I love the writing that flows from it. You are so talented and it humbles me to no end to read your heart every time I come to your blog. Keep positive, stay strong, rest in Him that brought you to this dance. He knows the music and the steps, and will continue to lead you, guide you, support you, and wrap you up in His embrace as you follow Him.

Bilinda Soto said...

I recently started volunteering in the preschool department at SCBC. I don't know you or your mom but Melinda Phillips keeps sending out emails about you. I clicked over to your blog just now and have REALLY enjoyed your writing! Ditto to the cruise ship, BTW. Yuck! I love listening to your insights, as I lost my mom to cancer long ago. I was too young and have missed many occasions with her. HOWEVER, SHE is still in my heart. I always say that to my kids when they ask about her. I have wonderful memories, have learned from the good and bad (mostly good) that she left as her legacy and am soooo thankful that even know she was mine for only 15 short years.....she gave me the best gift of all...unconditional love. I'd rather have had that for 15 years than not at all. God bless and carry on, sister!!!