Friday, March 29, 2013

Non-Insomniac Blogging

My doctor says that rest is essential for healing.  My insomnia, while somewhat useful for blogging purposes, is not helping my case against cancer.  She wired an Rx for an increased dose of Ambien over to Walgreens, and POOF!  I'm sleeping through the night...well, I'm sleeping better, anyway.

That doesn't keep my brain from observing, thinking, and wanting to state the obvious out loud.  So, without further explanation or ado, I present to you the first edition of non-insomniac blogging:

--I have flown to Houston and back twice in the last week.  I don't know how regular business travelers do it!  I woke up in my own parents' house and barely could remember where I was.
--Waiting for one flight, I entered the terminal and sat down next to a normal looking business man.  I glanced over at him and was shocked to see that he was knitting.  I think he was making a scarf.  When the flight was called, he packed up his creation, his knitting needles, and his ball of yarn into a Hudson News bag--and he blended right in with the crowd.  Well played, sir.  Well played.
--It would be awesome if there were moving sidewalks everywhere we went.
--I always scan the crowd sitting in the terminal to see who I want to sit by.  I eliminate anyone who is too talkative, dressed too nice (read: 5-inch heels) or too shabby (read: pajama pants), stressed out business people, women who are loudly arguing with their husbands on their cell phones, and anyone who is angrily watching CSPAN on the terminal television set (although it is on mute).  Yikes.
--Although I am not Catholic, I think I am a fan of the new pope.  He seems to be very humble and not swayed by the perks of the papacy.  I also think he bears a strong resemblance to Paul Shaffer from the CBS Orchestra on Late Night with David Letterman.
--I had this old commercial stuck in my head the other day:

--You can't watch that without thinking:
Two all beef patties,special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun!
--Hamburgers have been few and far between for me since my last surgery.  It's a shame.
--In a small waiting room, manners matter.
--The radiology department was running about an hour behind when I was there for testing.  That was unfortunate, but at least I had this cuteness sitting across from me:
He was playing a game on his cell phone.  Bloop.............Blooop..............Blooooooop.  Smile.
--I met a man with breast cancer.
--Nurse:  Are you a water drinker?
Redneck Patient:  I'm a beer drinker.  Does that count?
--I was surprised to see Smoky Robinson on American Idol.  I truly thought he was dead.
--Nine hours after I left Houston, my cousin had her long-awaited baby.  Welcome to the world, Evie!  I already love you and I can't WAIT to meet you in person.
--I would love to quit my job as a cancer patient and travel with the Mary Poppins tour.  Magical.
--My third grade class picture is circulating on Facebook.  As if life isn't hard enough.
--Reese the Niece has her first little hairdo:
--Successfully rising to the challenge of entertaining themselves without screen time, there are right now three little boys in our downstairs bathroom telling ghost stories with the lights off.  I just heard one of them say, "It's my turn to sit on the toilet!"  Ah--boys.


librarychick said...

Hey! We were cute in third grade! Email me your address, would you?

Anonymous said...

This post made me chuckle with huge laughter! I am amazed how you see life and things that really matter. Still praying here!
Bev M

Anonymous said...

You are truly a gift from God in this crazy world. I so hurt for you and pray that you have all the time you and your boys want with each other. I pray that you and your husband can love and live to the fullest in the time that you have. And most of all I believe in God's mighty miracles of healing you completely. You are one of his mightiest warriors and I am so thankful for your life and how you share who you are and who He is unequivocally. You are one of those women with great power, strength and fierce love in this world that we all need to experience. Thank you for your authenticity.
Cherrell Woolley (a friend of your Mom's)

Anonymous said...

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