Thursday, February 4, 2010

Their First Rodeo!

In February 2008 Hubby had the flu. Because of my desperate need to occupy the kids and get out of the house, we accidentally discovered the wonderland that is the Fort Worth Stock Show, and a great family tradition was born. This year, we decided that our 3 little cowboys are finally old enough to appreciate (and sit through) the rodeo. We decided to go in the middle of the week when it wasn't so crowded, so on Tuesday afternoon, I went to the boys' elementary school and withdrew them for an "appointment." They were SO surprised!

As an extra surprise, Papa drove down from Abilene to go to the rodeo with us. The boys were so excited to see him!

The rodeo was great! We really enjoyed the calf scramble...

the real life cowboys...

and of course, the bull riding.

Rudy the Rodeo Clown was a favorite for Goliath and Little Middle!

Baby's favorite was the blue cotton candy.

When the rodeo was over, we walked through the stock show and saw the exhibits. There was plenty to see and do!

We test drove some big tractors,

enjoyed some tasty treats,

and admired some amazing animals!

I might not mind so much if my babies do indeed grow up to be cowboys.