Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

33 Reasons I Love My Dad:
(one for each year we've been together)

1. He spent many Saturday afternoons of my childhood filling up little yellow notebooks with his notes for teaching his Sunday School class.
2. He makes children feel happy that they came to church.
3. He loves my mom.
4. He is a gentleman...he still holds the door open and pumps gas for the ladies in his life.
5. He is predictable.
6. He has a mild case of narcolepsy, but pretends like he doesn't.
7. He calls me every now and then just because.
8. When his business travels bring him our way, he tries to arrange a visit.
9. He is something of a wine connoisseur, and knows his way around Spec's.
10. When I was a teenager, he waited up for me when I went out with my friends.
11. He loves the dogs.
12. He has coined some great family terminology, i.e. "Jack!," "huckle," and "boxedy-box-box-box."
13. He walked me down the aisle.
14. He drove me 400+ miles to visit a college, and then never questioned my decision to attend school there.
15. He is my boys' Poppy.
16. We have the same blue eyes.
17. Christmas wouldn't be the same without his steaks.
18. He has a nice singing voice.
19. He has a cool relationship with his brother.
20. He rocks on the golf course.
21. He is technologically savvy.
22. He spent months helping care for his father, and was there when Grandad went to be with Jesus.
23. He showed me what true worship looks like.
24. He set a high standard for my expectations of my husband and our marriage.
25. He climbs up in the attic every year and brings down countless boxes of Christmas decorations.
26. He makes me feel safe.
27. He conducts his business with integrity, and is respected for it.
28. He likes cereal at any time of the day.
29. He is friendly, even to people he doesn't know.
30. He knows where every dry cleaner and post office is in Houston.
31. He lets us make fun of him, and even laughs with us!
32. He is a Fox News junkie.
33. He walks with God.

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CRIM said...

my mama is the same about Spec's - and instead of telling you where every dry cleaner and P.O. is she can tell you every Spec's between Conroe and Galveston:-)