Saturday, June 20, 2009

Camp Momanmee 2009

This weekend Little Middle and I went to Camp Momanmee at our church. "Camp" is especially for Pre-K/Kindergarten boys and their moms. We were both really excited about the pirate theme, and we started getting ready early!

Is it time to go yet?

Even Abby got in the spirit...

I couldn't take the begging anymore, so we left our house 20 minutes earlier than we needed to and took the long, scenic route to church.

Ahoy, mateys!

First Mate Susan and Captain Sherry with Cardboard Captive Brian, just before Little Middle pelted him with cannonballs.

Walking the plank

Arrrggghhh...treasure chest!

Enjoying a pirate story in the Crow's Nest

Bingo, the Pirate Parrot, entertained us with "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."

Little Middle and J-man

Pirate Moms

We had so much fun just being little pirate is growing up SO fast!

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