Monday, June 8, 2009

No More School, No More Soccer

In the last few days we have bid farewell to first grade and finished out our first soccer season!

Goliath's class ended their year with a fun classroom party. Goliath received an award for "Best Attitude." He has done really well this year!

Goliath and his teacher, Mrs. C

Best buddies
Goliath and Sydney, his choice for "the prettiest girl in the whole first grade!"

Little Middle has really enjoyed his soccer season. He played Upward soccer, and it's been a terrific experience. Nearly everything about a group of Pre-K boys playing soccer is comical, but the boys never knew they were anything less than winners!

Praying before the game

Action shot...Go Falcons!

Taking a break on the sidelines

Little Middle and his teammate Andrew at the awards ceremony
And now...we can take a deep breath, sleep late, and head for the pool. WELCOME, SUMMER!!!


The Horton Family said...

All looks fabulous. :)

CRIM said...

love those guys big time!!! can't wait for baby to be apart of my life!!:-)