Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

33 Reasons I Love My Mom:
(one for each year we've been together)

1. She is really funny, and we laugh a lot together.
2. She loves my dad.
3. She has a great sense of style.
4. She drove 100+ mph when I was in labor with Little Middle so she could get to the hospital to be with me.
5. She calls me if she hasn't heard from me in a few days.
6. She put her life on hold to take care of my family while I was sick.
7. She lets my kids call her "Abuela."
8. Christmas is her favorite time of the year.
9. She taught me to love reading, and she shares her books.
10. She has a Spiderman basketball net in her bathtub for the boys.
11. She always smells good.
12. She tells me that I'm a good mom.
13. She likes pretty things.
14. She went to Baby's sonogram with me, and understood my disappointment.
15. She is a good leader and seems at ease in front of people, even if she really is nervous.
16. She is very smart.
17. She encourages my Hubby.
18. She makes special trips to see the boys and participates in their lives.
19. She started the birthday muffin tradition.
20. She got me a "Beauty and the Beast" birthday cake the year I was drum major.
21. Her Bible is well-read and worn.
22. She is super at her job.
23. She has more friends than me on Facebook.
24. Everywhere we go, people recognize her and she knows all the children's names.
25. She honors her parents.
26. Her family is more important than her ministry.
27. Without her, there would be no me.
28. She starts her day with a bowl of cereal or toast and the Houston Chronicle, and has for as long as I can remember.
29. She needs a plan.
30. She gave me Phil and Jenny, and taught us to love each other.
31. She likes to shop (just not at Wal-Mart), and is quite good at it!
32. She reads my blog.
33. She walks with God.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! I love you.

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