Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Growing Up and Moving On

Last week my sweet Little Middle graduated from preschool. Hubby and I were in the first row at the "ceremony," proud as we could be! Little Middle marched in with all his friends, looking solemn and a little nervous. Remember, he's the one who doesn't care much for people to watch him or to have extra attention drawn to him. As soon as he made eye contact with us, though, he gave us his little half-smile, half-smirk look and joined his pals in singing!

Then it was time for the graduation. When Ms. Becky called his name, he went up on the stage and accepted his certificate and his very own Bible. He sure didn't wait around for me to get a good picture with his teachers, though...

Watching my boy arrive at this milestone both brought me to tears and enlarged my heart! How can it be that my sweet-smelling, fuzzy-headed baby has grown into this bundle-of-energy-boy? How can he be closing out this chapter of his little life and be ready for a new adventure? How could I possibly be this blessed?!?

Come September, things will be different. I will drop Little Middle off at the elementary school with his big brother before just Baby and I head to our beloved preschool. This mama, who struggles with change, will miss him so much! But this mama, who could not be prouder or more thankful, can't wait to see what God has in store for her boys.


3 Girl Mommy said...

Our babies are no longer babies!! How and when did this happen?!?!?!

CRIM said...

he's a good one! you did good