Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Does Stuff Like This Only Happen to Me?

Here's how it went down at my house this morning:
My husband....traveling.
My schedule....tight.
My kids....cute.
My self....tired, yet determined.
Got Goliath off to school. Had a follow-up appointment with the surgeon for a post-op exam, then I was supposed to meet my friend Hope and her boys in Frisco for lunch and playtime. By 8:45, I had everything together for my 9:00 appointment and we were out the door. The little boys were getting in the car and I pushed the button to open the garage door. Sounded like this:
The kids are freaking out (it was a LOUD noise), the door is dead, my car is stuck in the garage, and I am stranded. I call Hubs in St. Louis. He tells me to pull on the red string, which I do, and nothing happens. He can't help. I call the doctor's office, and they laugh at me and reschedule. I call the landlord, who says he'll be right over. I wait 30 minutes. He comes over, diagnoses a broken spring, manages to manually open the door, and we are free.
I am only a little late for the playdate, and the repairman has come and gone by the time I get back home.
But now my 2 little boys are terrified to go into the garage, so maybe I should just start parking in front of the house anyway.
Does stuff like this only happen to me?!?!?!?


Kandice said...

YES :)

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness .... that's awful!

CRIM said...

okay - so this also happened to me - however with a slight twist - my dogs have a dog door that leads from the garage into the backyard - so when the garage door started up - then stopped - they thought YEAH PARTY TIME IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD!!!!! and off they went to terrorize young and old alike!!! of course there is also the time when they chased the lady with her baby in a stroller and I had to chase them wearing a long pencil skirt and high heeled boots - or the time when they chased the middle schooler and his mom causing them to miss the bus - you know - now that I think about it - maybe we should work on our "get out of the garage" strategy - hhhmmmm