Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I am here.
I am not living off the illusion that there are lots of folks lurking out there, waiting for me to update my blog. I do know that there are some who check in from time to time, so it is for you that I just want to say: I am here.
The birthday party went great. In spite of chilly weather, the bounce house was a hit and the boys had a good time. Goliath and his buddies partied hard and went to bed early. Good times.
My gallbladder came out without much to-do. We had a bit of a scare when the doctor found a suspicious spot on my stomach, which he cut out and sent off for biopsy. Turns out it was only scar tissue and we are thankful. While I'm still moving kind of slowly and sore, this surgery almost seems like no big deal.
I have lots of random thoughts running through my head about friendship....old people....church life....motherhood....people with big egos....true love. I simply don't have the energy tonight to get into all that. I am just here.
And now I am leaving from here to go to bed. Although I don't think that too many people read this, I am CERTAIN that a few extra zzzzz's are in order tonight. Living without my gallbladder makes me tired.


geeding said...

thanks for posting and providing an update. i was getting a little worried - 11 days without a post!

Kandice said...

Well..I am usually waiting to see an update on you...I haven't heard from either of my GW pals in ages. I am glad you are not in too much pain...talk soon