Friday, February 1, 2008

Wish List

One of my fellow preschool teachers keeps a fun blog, and I am accepting her invitation to create my own "wish list." Before you read what I wish for, go over to and see PandaMom's list.

OK, you're back. Ready?

*I wish that my dog would live forever.
*I wish that I was at least semi-athletic and liked to be outdoors.
*I wish that my grandparents didn't have to suffer from old age.
*I wish I had gotten a different degree.
*I wish that gas was not so expensive.
*I wish that it was easy for me to be diligent in my daily quiet time.
*I wish I could protect my sons from all hurt, worry, and fear.
*I wish I were skinny and I could be excited about swimsuit season.
*I wish I didn't have cancer.
*I wish that my brother didn't have to live in Nashvegas to do what he loves.
*I wish that I owned a margarita machine.
*I wish I could sleep late without feeling guilty.
*I wish I had the eye for fashion that my sister has.
*I wish that my husband felt free to do something he loves for his career (although he rocks at his job and works hard at it).
*I wish I'd had dancing at my wedding.
*I wish I had the talent, confidence, and opportunity to sing with a praise & worship band.
*I wish it was OK for me to eat carbohydrates all the time.
*I wish there was no such thing as hungry or abused children.
*I wish I could turn on my TV and not have to see Hillary Clinton.
*I wish I could contribute to the family's income by baking and decorating fabulous cakes.
*I wish we could have another baby and it would be a girl.
*I wish we had a swimming pool.

That's my list....for now. What do YOU wish for?


ww said...

* I wish I wasn't so cynical regarding people.
* I wish my children weren't ignored/ostracized by other kids because they're different.
* I wish my kids felt welcomed in church.
* I wish I made friends easier.
* I wish adoption wasn't so ridiculously expensive.
* I wish the life expectancy for males in my family was better than early 50s.
* I wish I wasn't starting to have funky health problems in my mid-30s.
* I wish I did a better job of showing my wife just how much I appreciate her.
* I wish that I wasn't addicted to caffeine.
* I wish that I was less materialistic.
* I wish that I hadn't spent 4 years in seminary only to let my ego and anger with the situation cause me to quit without finishing my thesis.
* I wish I could be a full-time writer and musician and still provide for my family.
* I wish I had the energy in the evenings to be more actively engaged with my family than I usually am.
* I wish I could trade my pool that is only "worth it" 4 months a year for 3BoyMom's yard :-)

Anonymous said...

- I wish I were smarter so that I could better at my job.
- I wish I could get myself to exercise.
- I wish I were a better friend.
- I wish I were more organized.
- I wish I would have found God before I was 34.
- I wish my daughters a different life than mine.
- I wish the world was not so materialistic.
- I wish I could eat all the sweets I wanted.
- I wish my Mom and Grandma were here to be part of my girls lives.
- I wish I had my family back.
- I wish my husband loved me unconditionally.
- I wish my girls knew how loved they are and how much they were wanted.
- I wish I had a pool, too! ;)

Anonymous said...

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