Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines day to you...wife

In spite of your recent post, I wrote this for you. For through hard times, and great ones I am there for you...hope this Valentines day was a great one for you. Love Prince Charming, ..:)

The Essence of Love

Early on, when love was young he dreamed of many days to come,
With misty eyes, and distant dreams staring into the sun,
On the horizon there stood fair maidens,
Ships, riches, and far away places,
Empty heart, and empty eyes staring into a sun of crimson,
Till alas blue eyes took his attention
She was smart and beautiful, so full of charm
Caring, and pure, sincere, his heart sent up an alarm
With misty eyes, he reached for a word though,
No word can I find, no word will describe,
So love I give it, for it has united my great divide

Love I name this, for it has filled my body and soul
As I searched for days on end to make my heart whole
For years on end, I was filled with emptiness
As I searched, and searched for my Lochness
As years passed on, and faded away
Ravaged by time, forever and a day

Three boys, strong and smart,
A young man’s pride so filled his heart
Through Pain and heartache, Thorns and disease
Love guided him, and kept his heart at ease.
Like the sweetest swan’s song,
Like Christmas morning, the memory lifelong.


Anonymous said...

You're a good man, Clint Hendrickson... you are both very blessed.


CRIM said...

sweet boy!!! hey - you took them to dinner AND cleaned soot from the walls - not that my opinion matters - I think you're a-okay!!