Friday, September 14, 2007

It Takes a Village

It is quiet this morning. Hubby is at work, and all 3 boys are at school.
My sweet friend Wendy, who is SO cute and a crafty type, created a book of "Comfort Scriptures" for me. Every page is a different scrapbook-page background and a scripture that gives God's promise to those who are sick, weak, weary, and troubled. So many verses seemed to jump out at me, but here's one that was particularly special (obvious adjustments mine):
"Because Allyson loves me," says the Lord, "I will rescue her; I will protect her, for she acknowledges My name. She will call upon Me, and I will answer her; I will be with her in trouble, I will deliver her and honor her." Psalm 91:14-15
I claim this verse not just in relation to my illness, but for my day-to-day life. Here's how the week has gone, and how the Father kept His promise: Mom went home and Hubs went back to work. Still unable to do virtually anything, and still in pain, I definitely needed rescuing! So I started making phone calls. The end result? A beautiful orchestration of different people meeting very real needs. God sent Hope, Jennifer, and Bethany to cook for us. He gave us Kelly, who has provided Goliath his own personal school bus (complete with a juice box each afternoon) and a new friend in her sweet little girl. He nudged Theresa, Heather, Cassie, and John in our direction to help with endless hours of childcare so that Mommy can rest. He opened the hearts of my fellow teachers/friends, who gifted us a clean house! There are so many more who continue to call or come by just to check on us, or make grocery runs for the milk we're always out of, or show special affection to our boys, or minister to us in a million other ways. There is no way I can feel anything less than loved and honored!
Now...a special shout out to our friends in the Houston area. Many of you we don't even know, but we are well-acquainted with the gifts of grace and love that you've given to us. The tangible ways you love us turn up in our mailbox almost every day--cards, small gifts, flowers, notes of encouragement. The things we don't see--when you are loving on our family there, or when you are on your knees praying for us--matter even more. Thank you.
It has been 2 weeks since Surgery 2, and we are still waiting on pathology reports to confirm or refute what Dr. M did not find. I will see him for follow-up on Monday. Please pray that he has those reports in hand when we walk in. It feels like my whole life is in a holding pattern while we wait.
May your weekend be blessed with beautiful weather and time well spent with loved ones. My boys are goin' fishing!


Kandice said...

I am glad you are feeling loved and deserve it. You have made many feel that way!!!
love you

Bobbi Jo Wells said...

To my sweet friend,
I just wanted you to know today that you are thought of and being lifted up in our home. It's been a very long time since we have seen each other, but it just seems like the other day that we were the best of friends. My heart broke when I read your name on our prayer list in our sunday school class at ORBC. I just thought, "there's no way!". From that moment on, you have been in my thoughts. I know from reading your blog that your faith is stronger than ever and God is still in control. I will keep checking in on you. We love you!
Bobbi Jo Wells

Andy said...

See, the way it works is... you "give up & get a blog 'cause everyone's doing it" and you then send the link to folks so we can enjoy it. Even ol' pals. Do you realize I had to semi catch up with my "favorite redhead" (...and that was great if you're reading this C) to find you?

That made my day.

Yes, I blame you for the lapse. You, apparently, have much more going on in life than I. Besides, it's kind of a well documented fact that I'm an idiot.

How long can these comments be anyway?

I'll never have the caliber of friends that I did "back then". Not the kind that'll show up at the emergency room right when your being poked for the 12th time to get your blood taken because your lung decided to pop. Whether I call you every day or every other year, you're always on my mind & in my heart. Always. You are among the few that bear the burden of being my friend.

I would give anything to bear your pain for you right now. I could do that. What I have to admit, and what I've always truly admired you for, is that I couldn't maintain the unwavering faith & strength you've always had.

My friends have always been the greatest part of me, and you have always been one of the greatest of them. I love you, and I miss you.

Your ol' pal,

Theresa said...

Because you and your family are so special to so many people, we want to help. Helping in any way seems the only thing we know how to do. It shows our love for you. Big hugs to you right now. Sharing your little guys with us is so fun. You have raised them to be the most enjoyable, polite, sweet, playful, loving, and yes Godly little bits of heaven that they are.