Sunday, September 30, 2007


Sometimes I wonder why God gave me 3 sons. I always imagined that I would have at least one daughter, who would grow up to do "girl stuff" with me. We would shop, get pedicures, bake brownies.....Instead, I am the mom of 3 boys. They are ALL boy, if you know what I mean. They are dirty and sweaty and love bugs and lizards. I have managed to persuade them that Target is "cool," but that's about as far as I get.

Anyway, yesterday I went to Target with Goliath and Little Middle in tow. They were delightful, so I offered an impulse-buy treat. Want to know what they picked? They each came home with a box of Bertie Bott's Beans. That is, Harry Potter jellybeans. They have a few regular flavors (blueberry, tutti-frutti, cherry), but most of the box is an assortment of grossness (is that a word?) that my boys found hilarious. It includes earwax, soap, earthworm, vomit, booger, black pepper, dirt, grass, pickle, rotten egg, sardine, and sausage. After the kids went to bed, Hubby and I were looking at the beans. I dared him to try one, and he promised to do it if I would, too. I am embarrassed to confess, but I ate a booger-flavored jellybean. Ya'll, it absolutely tasted like what I imagine a booger might taste like. It was so disgusting. Hubs had a sausage-flavor bean, which he promptly spit into the trash.

I tell you all THAT to be able to proudly say THIS: I encouraged a wary Goliath to try a vomit jellybean by telling him about my experience, i.e. I did it and I survived. "Wow, Mom!" he said. "You really ate that? You're just as cool as Target!"


Theresa said...

I was so excited to see you all at church tonight. Glad you are all better. I totally know what jelly beans you are talking about. We have bought a few boxes because you know they are always updating the grossness. Try eating a salmon flavored or a bacon flavored one. Yuck!!! You are right thought boys think that they are cool and try to trick you into saying "Here mom try this one it's not a gross one I promise" Do we fall for it? NO!!!

Kandice said...

If you had girls..they would have never agreed on the same treat!!! It would have taken extra hours at the store to painstakingly decide/discuss the best thing..until momma decides to forget the whole treat thing!!!!

mollyswan said...

You are definitely better if you are up to eating boogers! A great story and brought smiles to all! Blessings,Molly