Saturday, June 29, 2013



Abby was my birthday gift from Hubby the first year we were married.  We were newly married, living in our first apartment in Dallas.  He went away for a weekend hunting trip, and came home with the cutest beagle puppy!  It was love at first sight.  Her ears were bigger than the rest of her, and she sometimes stepped on them when she walked.  Her legs were so short that she couldn't manage the stairs to the loft.  We were inseparable from the beginning.

She sat on our heads and perched on the back of the sofa like a cat.  She watched TV, and she would bark furiously at any dog that appeared on the screen.  She rode in the car everywhere with me.  She slept in our bed. 

Abby saw us transition from a couple to parents.  Then again.  And again.  From the very first day that we brought Goliath home, she loved and protected the babies.  And they loved her.


Almost fifteen years with the best dog ever has left an Abby-size hole in our family that can never be filled.  I am thankful for the memories that she gave us.  I'm thankful that it is still funny when I remember how, as a puppy, she jumped out the window of Rachel's car at Sonic and nearly hung herself on her bejeweled glittery leash.  I'm grateful for the snuggles and the kisses we shared.  I laugh when I remember all the times that her beagle instinct to sniff drew her out of our yard and Hubby would have to track her down while I stood on the lawn and panicked.  Or the time when she went under the fence and sauntered through a pasture right up to the horse who lived there, unintimidated by their size difference.  Or after baby Goliath learned how to walk and she started having panic attacks, so our vet put her on steroids to control her stress levels.  And who could forget when Seester and I did the garage sale at Mom and Dad's, and someone tried to buy Abby?!? 
We miss you, Abs.  We miss the jingle of the tags on your collar.  We miss your nails clicking on the wood floor.  We miss the way you hovered under the table at meal time, and I hate that I have to actually sweep the floor when food spills now.  You were the most loyal, faithful fur-friend there could ever be, and I was lucky to have been your person.

Rest in peace, Princess Pup.  Thank you for everything.
 I will always love you.


Robin Crim said...

I am so sorry - I know how that hole hurts

robert and biscuit said...

you will always be loves have fun in heaved god has a hamburger waiting for you

Dawn McIntyre said...

Your sweet mom comforted me on my FB page this past Monday for the exact same reason. Our Amber girl was a 16+ lab who protected fiercely, loved inconditionally, and led with a quiet absolution that caused all of our motley crew of rescues to tow the line. So, I am sending you knowing {{hugs}} for being right there with you. However, don't be surprised of your Gus the Terrible learned something from your Abby, which will take your breath away and allow him to widdle his way into your heart...not in Abby's place, but a new place full of love for him...