Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Girls' Trip!

I actually took a break for Spring Break this year! I flew to San Antonio and met my mom and my sister for a girls' getaway. We stayed at the Westin La Cantera--very, VERY nice!

This is the view from our hotel balcony.

We spent 4 days laughing, eating, lounging, sleeping, and shopping! One entire day was devoted to the best mall any of us has ever been to. Amazing.

Shopping loot

Here are a few things I learned while I was away:

1. Not all Targets are created equal.

2. If your mom makes up her own rules for the game of Uno, it's OK because it's funny and well, she's your mom.

3. There's almost nothing sadder than a 22 year old woman who has never had breakfast in bed.

4. Pina coladas taste better if someone delivers them to you poolside.

5. Trying on clothes is much more fun without small children crawling under the door of your dressing room.

6. Mimi's Cafe stops serving all breakfasty foods at 4:00 p.m.

7. The worst traffic in Texas is in San Antonio, probably due to the excessive number of roundabouts.

8. My husband is an amazing father.

9. If you put tanning lotion on your legs and then lay a People magazine down in your lap, bad things happen.

10. Not only am I directionally challenged, I am also not a very good sign reader.

11. Sometimes you have to look really, really long and hard to find well-dressed people.

12. I know my Disney music like nobody's business!

13. It is poor planning to build a major amusement park on a 2-lane road.

14. When staying in a hotel, it is good manners to make your bed before the housekeeping crew arrives to make your bed.

By the pool!

Sleepy sisters with Starbucks

Lunch on the Riverwalk. We had the BEST guacamole and pink margaritas!


My mom and me, cheerfully refusing to stand in line to get into the Alamo.
Mom and Jen...this was so fun. I loved every minute we were together! Thanks for loving me and making these memories with me. I can't wait until next year, when I will bring my fan and my awesome sense of direction to wherever you are! I love you.


CRIM said...

nothing better than family and Texas!!!!

The Horton Family said...

What a wonderful trip!

Howie said...

Let me remind you that it was on #12 that you were stumped...Bedknobs & Broomsticks...

Liz said...

Every minute of that looks fun! And ya know...I don't even drink but your pink margarita looks YUMMY!