Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Little Middle!

Dear Little Middle,

You are five years old today. WOW! I can hardly believe that time has gone by so quickly! It truly seems not that long ago that I held you in my arms for the first time, and now...I want to do a double take every time I look at you. You were beautiful then, and you are just as beautiful to me now.

Every day is great fun with you, but this past year has been a true adventure as you have grown in so many ways. You have recently gone through another growth spurt, leaving me with a real problem when it comes to dressing you. Pants that were plenty long six months ago look silly on you now; new pants are long enough, but have to be cinched in the waist so they don't fall off your handsome, lanky body. Not that it matters to you...if I let you have your way, you would never get dressed. You adore pajamas. The last time Nana came to visit, you proudly showed her all your pajamas--two drawers full of them! I guess you just like to be comfortable.

You have learned so much this year! You know all of your letters and numbers now. You can write your name, and spell your brothers' names for good measure. You know important information about where we live and who is in your family. You know what to do if you get lost, if your clothes catch on fire, or if a stranger talks to you. You like to draw pictures of our family (which I love, because you always draw me looking skinny), and you like to use scissors to cut things up. We've had a few incidents where I had to remind you that crayons and scissors are ONLY for paper, but nothing too catastrophic! You love animals--especially lizards and other creepy-crawlies-- and you are very interested in learning about them. All of these things came to mind today when we went on a very special birthday outing:

Not too many kids get to register for kindergarten on their birthday! You weren't at all interested in the paperwork, but you absorbed the tour of the building like you were memorizing every detail. I'm certain you are already planning ahead for next year.

You have grown in other ways this year, too. Lately you've been asking me all sorts of questions of a spiritual nature. It's obvious that you are really trying to work things out in your head and in your heart. Your long list of questions include: "Why did the 'servant' trick Adam and Eve?", "Why in the world did God make the world?", and my personal favorite: "What happens if you go to heaven and step on a bad cloud and fall back down to earth?" There have been a few times I have to admit to you that I simply don't have answers for what you want to know!

You are playing soccer for the first time this spring. You are a Star Wars fanatic. You design and build the greatest Lego creations. You love to ride your new bike and dream up new tricks to do on the trampoline. You are definitely all boy! But even with all the activity, your heart is quiet and soft and loving. This is why it's OK for you to still sit on my lap sometimes and to kiss me goodnight from the top bunk. Your heart makes you the one your baby brother seeks out when he is in trouble. You are amazing to us, Little Middle.

Tonight when Daddy and I tucked you in, you assured us that you had a happy birthday and that you can't wait until the sun comes up again! I told you that I'm so glad you are happy, and I'm even gladder that God picked me to be your mommy. You said, "I'm really happy that God picked me to be your Little Middle."

So am I, sweetheart. So am I.




3 Girl Mommy said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that Little Middle!!! So glad he had a great birthday.'d ya'll get a tour??? We didn't get that when I registered Payton. hmmmm...

The Horton Family said...

Come ON! You KILL ME! And that child IS wonderful! I'm glad we've been able to be a part of his life this year. What a good boy you are raising.

Very cool he got to register for K on his bday. How you doing with that?

CRIM said...

he is a sweet heart for sure - i haven't ruined him much:-)

Momma Wolg said...

so glad you and your family are in my life. it's a treat to see the boys growing up. little middle has grown up a lot in the past year and "sprouted up" too. all 3 boys are special and have personalities all their own.
love ya.