Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Dear Baby,

Today you turned 3 years old. This morning I re-read the letter I wrote on your birthday last year...what a difference a year makes! Over the last 12 months, you have transformed from a baby into a little boy. You are much more of a playmate to your brothers instead of being on the outside looking in. You have developed your own friendships, your own likes and dislikes (especially when it comes to food!), and your own way of doing things. Your little personality has emerged, and I have to say: You are delightful!

We celebrated your birthday at the zoo. Just the family (plus Aunt Jenny and Howie) went, but we determined you are old enough to invite a friend. You picked Bransyn, your best little buddy. The two of you together are so funny! I love to watch you interact with other kids. Sharing is still sometimes a challenge, and you may be a tad bit bossy, but you are generous with hugs and fun. You have lots of friends at school and church...I am so proud of you!

Oh, how you make us laugh! You are quite the conversationalist. Just the other day, I admired a piece of your artwork and said I thought it was beautiful. You replied, "It certainly is, Mommy!" Everything you say has its own rhyme and reason to it--many of your sentences begin with the word "because." You have unique facial expressions and a keen sense of timing...you can go from Baby to Muppet Baby in no time at all!

Another phrase you say often is "I can do it by myself!" You do not care for us to help you with anything. You want to put on your pajamas, buckle your seatbelt, put on your shoes (God forbid I tell you which feet they go on), brush your teeth, put the lid on your cup, climb into your chair--ALL by yourself. Nothing makes you madder than me helping you with something you have determined you can do alone. Sometimes your independence can be exasperating, but I'll be the first to give you a high five when you get it right! At night, though, when it's time to tuck you in and pull the covers up around you--only Mommy will do. I hope you never get too big for that.
My heart is full tonight, Baby boy. This past year has been a time of healing for me in many ways. My health has been restored, my strength rebuilt, and my spirit renewed. Every morning when you bring your blue blanket for some cuddle time, I am reminded of God's absolute sovereignty and faithfulness. You have completed our family and you still take my breath away.
From your head down to your toes
You're not much, goodness knows
But you're so precious to me,
Sweet as can be,
Baby of mine.
I love you,


CRIM said...

so precious - must be his daddy :-)

3 Girl Mommy said...

So glad Baby (and the rest of you):) is part of our lives. Could that pic of him and Bsyn be ANY STINKIN' CUTER?!?!?!

Love you bunches, sweet boy!!

BagOfNothing.com said...

that is one really cool charlie brown shirt if I ever saw one.