Thursday, October 30, 2008

Feet (and Nail) Fun

Happy Birthday to me! Again! Today my friend Shannon took me out for a girls' day to celebrate my birthday. We both had gift cards that we received for teacher gifts last spring to a local nail bar. We enjoyed pedicures and manicures, sans kids.
Here's Shannon getting her pedi. I pulled out the camera to take her pic, and I believe her exact words were: "You're such a dork." Gotta love her.
Of course, she had to take my picture:
(I look slightly uncomfortable because I was still trying to figure out the massage chair.)

Pretty feet!
Back at the House of Sass.....the finished product: Thanks, Shannon, for a fun day with a great friend. I think it's so neat how God crossed our paths and gifted me with you. Thanks for making me laugh and sharing the adventures of preschool, motherhood, and PTA with me. You keep it fun. I love you, sister!

On a completely unrelated matter, we've had some sickness in our house this week. Goliath had a stomach bug that cost us one peaceful night, two days of school, and a lot of extra laundry. At the end of the first day, I put him to bed (special bed on the floor--sheets were still in the wash) and walked away for a few minutes while he listened to his out-of-town daddy read him a book over the phone. I came back to find this:

Dead asleep with his slingshot in his hand. Hubby was still himself. :)


3 Girl Mommy said...

It was a totally fun day! Glad to share it with you! Love you bunches!

(for those of you reading this...we did not match on purpose...scary how much we think alike) :) cute he fell asleep with Daddy reading to him! That is so sweet!! So glad he's feeling better, for your sake as well as his! said...

you showed pictures of feet. i remember how grossed out you use to be about feet.