Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Insomniac Blogging: Seventh Edition

--“And one has to understand that braveness is not the absence of fear but rather the strength to keep on going forward despite the fear.” -Paulo Coelho
--We recently received a letter from our auto insurance carrier that went something like this:
Dear Mr. and Mrs. H,
It has come to our attention that Eric is approaching the legal driving age in Texas.  Congratulations on reaching this milestone with your son!  If you intend to add Eric to your auto insurance, we want to help you with that.  Please contact us as soon as possible.
Of course, we don't have a son that is anywhere close to driving age, nor are any of our sons named Eric.  Silly Allstate. 
--"So what's the point of middle school?"--Baby, upon finding out that there will be no such thing as recess for his big brother at his new school.
--Friends who were driving through the Metroplex yesterday found that the only traffic tie-ups were caused by Obama protesters standing on bridges over I-30.  Apparently these folks have strong opinions about our POTUS, and they wanted to impeach.  I am all for exercising your right to free speech, but seriously....holding signs over a busy interstate during rush hour?  Safety issue.
--And why would anyone want to march for any cause right now?  It's too hot.
--I did a zip line over a swimming pool.  I made friends with the little boy behind me in line, and I don't know what surprised him more:  that a middle-aged lady was dangling out over the pool, or that all of my friends were waving and yelling "Now let go!  Let go and swim!"
--Me (Baby sitting on my lap): It hurts my tummy when you move around so much.  I want you to sit with me, but I need you to be still.
Baby:  Then I can't sit with you.
....And he somersaulted away.
--I'm loving this MP remix:
--Wise advise from my Seester while in New York:  "Don't revolve and text."
--A long time ago I sang with the choir at church.  Then we moved and had a few babies.  The "babies" are now all manageable enough for their dad, so I have rejoined the choir.  In just a few weeks of singing with this amazing group, I have been blessed beyond measure.  And a bonus:  soon we start Christmas music!!!
--Hobby Lobby has aisles full of pumpkins, leaves, turkeys, and such.  It's the call of fall...if only it wasn't 104 outside.  Sigh.
--I think sometimes there is nothing more comforting or delicious than breakfast for dinner.
--I saw a teenage kid at Kroger buying a bunch of flowers, presumably for his sweetheart.  As soon as he got outside the store, he eagerly tore the paper off and made a dash for his car.  He was all smiles.  Ah, young love. 
--Worship means letting go of what people think of you so that you can let God know what you think of Him.--something I learned at kids' camp.
Is your mama a llama?" I asked Reese my Niece.

My boys and their favorite pig.
--I do love the school supply aisle at the Target.  Everything is so clean and crisp and NEW!  Although I buy the love-your-PTA wrap packs (because my cowboys would rather eat broccoli than go school supply shopping), I have been known to pick up a box of fresh crayons and a notebook or two just for myself.


Anonymous said...

You are amazing!!! Sending prayers from Illinois.

Ember said...

Love to read your blog! You should have been a writer all these years! Your faith and courage inspire me.