Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Insomniac Blogging: Eigth Edition

*6 days and counting until school starts!  Kelly and I will meet for our annual Happiest Cup of Coffee of the Year to congratulate ourselves on surviving another summer.  Of course, that is still six days away.  Anything could happen....

*The phenomenon of feeding three growing boys (and their friends) has brought me to a new all-time low at the grocery store:  In the cereal aisle, I skip right over all those pretty boxes and head straight for the over sized bags. I am now feeding my sons generic cereals with names like Fruit Rings, Marshmallow Mateys, and Cocoa Crunchies.  The good news is that hungry boys do not discriminate!

*Every Sunday morning I listen to the radio while I'm getting ready for church.  It is a habit that goes way back.  When I was Goliath's and Little Middle's ages, I listened to Adventures in Odyssey by Focus on the Family. Each week I would be so excited to hear what was going on at Whit's End! (20+ years later = dorky, I know)  Anyway...I am not that thrilled with our local Christian radio station.  I hear far more commercials than I do songs, and it's hard to get into a worship mindset if I'm thinking about laser eye surgery or auto insurance for my entire family.  Thanks to technology, I can live stream the Houston station I grew up with.  They don't play Adventures in Odyssey anymore, but they DO set a good stage for worship.  Good job, Houston!

*Little Middle can not believe that my teachers had chalk boards in their classrooms when I was in school.  He was even more astounded that banging the erasers outside was a coveted reward for good behavior.

*Sometimes I use the word "hashtag" in conversation.  Example:  During a phone conversation with my cousin when we were trying to set up a time to meet, her baby was crying and two older kids were arguing in the background.  She was frustrated and said so.  I replied, "Hashtag mom of three kids."  It's especially weird because I don't have a twitter account, or even know much about twitter.

*I wonder if JC Penney will ever recover from that silly reformatting they did last year.  I almost feel sorry for the guy who decided to stop holding sales.  What he essentially did was make them a Wal-Mart with carpet.

*It really bugs me to hear anyone use the word "golly."

*My favorite commercial:

*A few weeks ago, my Bible Study girls were able to get away for 24 hours to the Gaylord Hotel in Grapevine.  We had so much fun...especially when we made an 8-person train in the lazy river!  Ha!  At one meal, we started talking about what our very favorite foods were.  I never got to answer, so just for the record, ladies:  it would be seafood.  Yummy.

*That led to a discussion of our favorite hymns.  It is too hard to pick just one, so we agreed to narrow it down to our top five.  I'm still working on my list, but it reminded me of another favorite:  Remember back in the day when we used to have 5th Sunday Hymn Sing?  At our church, the floor was open to anyone who wanted to make suggestions.  Every single time, little 'ol Ms. Hattie (who seemed really old to me back then) would shout out "82!"  Nobody had to look it up.  We all knew that hymn #82 was Victory in Jesus.  Every time.

*Little Middle is getting glasses.  Just in time for 4th grade!

*Origin of Dallas measles outbreak is tracked to a local church.  Pastor to congregation:  "I've got news for ya:  The measles are unrighteous."

*It's going to be so weird to have my kids at two different schools this year. 


Blessed Mommy said...

I sent you a fb message. Might be in your other folder. Blessings. Ranee

Reckless said...

Golly, I love seafood, too. I'm sorry that was just too easy...

Liz said...

JC Penney's reformatted??

carcraw127 said...

The gaylord is so much fun! Glad you got to go!