Friday, July 12, 2013

Insomniac Blogging: Sixth Edition

3:58 a.m. seems like a reasonable time to wake up.  Especially on a Friday, in the middle of the summer, when there is nowhere in particular to go and nothing in particular to do that day.  Gah!
*I love Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies that have been in the freezer.  I love them even more when the box of cookies is rescued from the back of the freezer where I put it in February, and the box is marked in giant black letters:  MOM'S COOKIES.  DO NOT EAT.
*Last week Texas tricked us into thinking that summer weather could be manageable, and--dare I say it?--even enjoyable.  This week July's true colors are blazing through.  I want to let the cowboys fry an egg on the sidewalk, but then I would have to go outside and sweat through supervising it.  Well played, Texas.  Well played.
*I had a very vivid dream that my family went to a wedding at my grandparent's old church.  While we were in the wedding, the sun disappeared and it started to snow.  It snowed so much, in fact, that I was afraid to drive home, so I let Goliath drive.  Then a bad guy started chasing us, so he drove us straight into the church library for safety.  Oops.
*When I was a little girl, my grandfather worked at said church.  The church had an "activity building" that had pool tables, foosball, and my favorite:  roller skates.  You know your grandpa loves you when he roller skates with you, then lets you drink all the Mr. Pibb you can handle.
*My sister-in-law is halfway through her pregnancy.  She is adorable, and my nephew is growing just splendidly.
*"Mommy, what is your dream?  Mine is to swim in candy."--Baby
*Next week the little cowboys and I are all going to church camp.  Except for the fact that camp takes place in Wichita Falls, where it is about 147 degrees in the shade, I am just as excited as the boys!  Maybe even a little more, because my roommate texted last night to tell me that she got SpongeBob hand soap for our bathroom.  Awesome.
*I did FaceTime with Reese the Niece this week.  She pointed at me and said, "Baby!"  Seriously, princess...I could not love you more, but just say "Auntie" already!
*Reese the Niece learned to walk.  In a move that is hilariously brilliant, she holds her arms out straight in front of her to keep her balance.  Seester sent a video of her being Frankenbaby, and I watch it 4-5 times a day.  Cracks me up every time.
*Last weekend I got to spend some time with my other niece and nephews.  They live in Virginia, and we rarely see them.  Each of them is delightful, and my boys adore them.
*In preparation for my appointment at Memorial Sloane-Kettering, I have to gather 4,759 pieces of medical evidence, including reports, slides, clinic notes, and discs.  The number is only a slight exaggeration.  Yesterday I picked up my initial diagnostic pathology slides from the hospital so I could overnight FedEx them to New York (how can it cost $53.24 to send an envelope?!?).  That got me to thinking:  How in the world do they store cancer?  Have they just had my grapefruit-sized mass in a Tupperware container since 2007?  Is it in a deep freeze down in the hospital basement?  Never mind, I don't really want to know.  Ew.
*I love a good rain storm, but I hate it when it rains while the sun is still shining.
*I am going to write a book entitled "Mothering Through Middle School".  In it, I will address practical issues that come up in those tumultuous years.  For example:  What is the correct response when your preteen sends you a text at 11:01 p.m. that says, "What do you do when your friend is hanging out with a girl and not you?"
*School supplies are out at Target!  I spent an embarrassing amount of time there earlier this week oohing and aahing over the perfectly arranged pencils, the bins of glue (white Elmers! rubber cement! glue sticks!), and the dizzying array of colored notebooks.  Any day that you can pick up a brand new set of Crayola markers for $.99 is a good day indeed.
*We have an unspoken deal with our freighbors that we will alert each other when door-to-door sales people come around.  I recently got this text from Susan:  "Salesman coming your way!  Orange shirt.  Watch out."  We hid upstairs until he was gone.  Everyone should have a good freighbor to watch their back.
Gus the Terrible.  Word.
*"Saving Mr. Banks" is slated for release in December.  I will be there!  My lifelong love for Mary Poppins is no secret, so I will be interested to see a movie about Mary Poppins.  That P.L. Travers was a tough old bird.  And Tom Hanks as Walt Disney?  Nobody better.
*"Practically perfect people never permit sentiment to muddle their thinking."--Mary Poppins


Reckless said...

Me, too. December 20.

robert russell said...

looks like gus has become a homie or a swag artist praying for you always allyson

Anonymous said...

For quite some time, I have wanted to swim in butterscotch pudding and feel a bit more normal knowing that was an inquiry at your house. In my 60+ years, nobody has ever asked. Love those Cowboys! and their mom!

Heather Seierstad said...

Love thin mints right out of the freezer!

As far as the tissue, I think they make slides out of it, so they're just saving samples.

Been following your journey and praying for you, hang in there. Hope your appointment in NY goes well and gives you another option.

Liz said...

My next door neighbor moved in January. I totally cried. They were great neighbors & we did that very thing many times---warning each other about salesmen!! LOL Gotta love a good friend next door! :)

Lisa Buffaloe said...

Hi sweet Allyson,

I know we've never met, but I do pray for you.

Praying for good memories, fun times, healing, and abundant blessings for years and years and years.

Lisa Buffaloe