Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Insomniac Blogging, Second Installment

It is Wednesday.  The time is 3:50 a.m.  I can't sleep.  Again.

--Last weekend we took the little cowboys to the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo.
 Little Middle spent a long time looking at the bunny rabbits.  He took it as a personal challenge to pet those that had signs on their cages that said "Please don't pet me.  I bite!"  And yes, he dressed himself.

No responsible mother would ever allow her children to put one foot on this death machine.  Lucky for these two, I'm no kind of responsible and they had a blast.  I was worried at one point that Baby was going to throw up on his brother, but the ride was swinging them around so fast, that I couldn't really see much anyway.  Good thing.

All that swinging and sliding and walking and looking and eating and laughing and touching and smelling wore these cowboys OUT.  I love it when a day is so fun that they fall asleep on the way home.
BTW, we did actually take Goliath with us.  I don't know why I don't have pictures of him.  Well, I can guess....But he was there!  I promise!
--Speaking of Goliath,  it was on his behalf that I sat with a few hundred other parents with that deer-in-a-headlight look in a middle school gymnasium last night hanging on every word that the principal said.  That's because in about six months that's gonna be my son's school and my son's principal.  Are ya'll understanding me?!?  My baby boy is going to go to middle school.  There are monsters there.  And gym clothes.  And lockers.  And algebra.  Shudder.
--Every week I am more and more stressed out by Downton Abbey.  I am still just so very sad about Lady Sybil.  Sniff.
--I had my follow-up appointment with the mad-scientist neurologist.  It was by far the most interesting doctor visit I've ever been to.  After a series of fun tests that reminded me of Kermit the Frog's ordeal in The Muppets Take Manhattan, he said two things to me that pretty much summed it up:  "If I had to root for a cancer for a woman to get, it sure wouldn't be yours," and "What Dr. F wants to say to you, Mrs. H., but probably just doesn't know how to say it, is 'tough luck'."
--Driving to the hospital that day, I was following an overweight, balding motorcycle rider who appeared to have Tourette's syndrome.  That was disconcerting enough until I realized that he was using his right hand to steer his bike and his left hand to hold his cell phone to his ear.  When it started to rain, I got worried enough to change lanes.
--Seester, Reese the Niece, and Me:

--Valentine's Day is really such a girl holiday.  You can't fully appreciate the extent of that until you've tried to make it special for three little boys.  You can only put so many mustaches on a cardboard box until it gets embarrassing.
--I ran into a grocery store that is not my usual shopping spot to pick up a few items that we were out of.  I hate shopping in a place that I'm not familiar with!  First of all, what kind of place keeps the green tea with the wine?  And why would you put the bread in a corner as far away from the milk as possible so that I completely forget it and my kid will have to eat sandwiches made from leftover hot dog buns before the week is over?  Argh.  I have no bread, but I got a brownie mix!
--My self-preservation technique of hiding may seem very, ahem, elementary.  However, before you chastise me, consider this:  Really, truly, the only thing that went well for me this past week was that when I walked into Sally Beauty Supply and asked the teenage clerk if they carry wig caps, she said, "How many do you want?" Then she reached under the counter and produced a piece of nylon that I'm sure can do double duty as the "sock" at DSW when you need to try on shoes.  She gave it to me for free.  And I'm gonna wear it on my head.  IF I decide to come out of hiding sometime.
--We loaded up Hubby's truck and took a Sunday afternoon drive through the car wash.  He rolled the back windows down just enough at just the right time to get the boys soaking wet.  Funny stuff.  That led me on a trip down memory lane.  HSU friends...this is for you!  Once upon a time I was a carefree college girl who played in a silly mud volleyball tournament although I hate both mud and volleyball.  Afterward, a certain pal and I decided that the best way to clean up such filth would be one of those put-in-some-quarters-as-you-go-car-wash stations.  We took turns standing in the bay and hosing each other down.  I think we even did some of the colorful soaps.  My sons could not imagine their darling mother and Auntie Rachel doing such a thing!  Guess what's going on this summer's bucket list?
--I wish the Cracker Barrel had delivery service.
--Guess who's going to see Mary Poppins the Musical in March?!?!?
--I can say supercalifragilisticexpealidocious backwards just like MP does in the movie.  It's one of my many hidden talents.  Go ahead...ask me next time you see me.  My boys are amazed.
--"Typing Paper" seems to be the new color of my skin.  I need a makeover.  Or something.
--When I was in high school, I lettered in typing.  True story.
--This hereby concludes this morning's early morning edition of insomniac blogging.  I am now going for coffee, and LOTS of it.

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