Saturday, August 25, 2012

Summer 2012 in Pictures

Thanks to my iPhone, I have been able to keep track of Summer 2012 pretty easily.  The cowboys are headed back to school in just a couple of days, so--sadly--it's time to wrap it up.

Before we did anything else, we traveled to Austin so that all of my guys could meet Reese the Niece (and cousin).  We are all head over heels in love with this little girl!

We visited a wildlife park in South Houston.  We couldn't believe how close we could get to the animals!  The boys were thrilled with the tram ride and laughed hysterically when a very excited buffalo snatched the food bucket right out of Little Middle's hands and tried to chew it up.

Abby Dog had a great adventure waddling her geriatric self through the wet cement of my parents' shower during their bathroom remodel.

We played together, and spent a lot of time with our friends, too.

After months of consideration, I got my first tattoo.
I wanted a visible reminder of God's infinite grace in my life, which covers all things, including The Sickness.


We went to kids camp with our wonderful church.  Goliath went as a camper; the two younger boys and myself went along as "helpers."  In reality, we received many, many more blessings than we gave that week.  I loved being with my boys and watching them learn, play, and worship.

We tried our hand at farming.
We grew a small vegetable garden in the backyard, and we picked many peaches off of our trees.  Yum!

We had an adventure buying lumber (my first time) and then getting it safely home so that Goliath could build a fort.

We took a day trip over the state line to Turner Falls with our friends Jaimie and Emily.  Unfortunately, I do not have a single picture of myself slipping on the algae-covered rocks and dropping all of our towels and our lunch into the river.  My little cowboys will never let me forget it!

I love these silly boys!

We have managed to mark nearly everything off of our Summer Bucket List.
So long, Summer 2012.  It's been fun! 

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Kim said...

He makes all things beautiful. Even boys! What a beautiful family you have. :)