Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hospital, Day 6

Today I....

--shaved my legs (the parts I could reach, anyway).
--got to wear pretty pink pjs in place of the icky hospital gown.
--continued to wonder how Ryan Seacrest belongs both on American Idol and the Olympics.
--ate a saltine, some ice cream, and a few bites of baked potato.
--drank apple juice.
--had a nice fireside chat with Dr. F. I still can't believe that a doctor actually cares so much about his patients that he will spend hours just talking about cancer and also revealing that he only carries a beer around at parties because his wife makes him. 
--listened to a brand new baby crying.  The post-natal floor is full, so they are moving some patients up here.
--got to visit with a few friends, both new and old.
--got to hug my cowboys and let them push the buttons on the bed to move up and down.  Smile.
--was disconnected from a couple of machines and switched from fluid to oral meds.  Progress!
--missed being in church, but told God "thank you" for giving me such a great church to miss.
--talked through some things with Mom and Dad.  Told God "thank you" for these two amazing people whose unconditional love keeps me going.
--received pictures of Tex the Nephew Dog and Reese the Niece that made me smile.

--marvelled that at this time last week, I was physically whole.  Thought about how God takes broken things and put them back together, and knew that in another week I will be marvelling again.

--watched the Olympics closing ceremony with my dad.  Couldn't figure out the weird octupus with the d.j. in the middle spinning tunes.


Anonymous said...

Praying for you sweetie! I didn't understand most of the closing ceremony; so I am going to bed. I think of you often and always say a prayer when I do! I pray that your recovery from this surgery is smooth. Love ya, Cheryl Hamilton

Anonymous said...

Praying for you right now! Reading your blog the last few days encouraged me. God is using you for his glory! I love you sweet lady! Gayla Harris

Bobbi Jo said...

You make me smile! Thanks for your awesome updates. I think about you all the time. Thanks for being honest, strong, and faithful. Keep that head up, you are a fighter and my hero! Love you friend!

Devyn said...

Praying for you, sweet Miss Allyson!
Love from Devyn (that one nanny...) ;)

Kathy Herron said...

Oh sweet Allyson, though you may not feel it your courage is on display for everyone to see. God's grace, goodness and strength is so evident. Keep clinging to Him and sharing with us who are prayerfully watching. All your ups and downs give us hope. May our Loving Father continue to pour His healing Spirit on you.
With love, Kathy Herron

Lisa Buffaloe said...

Praying for you, Allyson!

Anonymous said...

Pray without ceasing...So thankful to God for you...Thank you for walking through the valley of the shadow and not stopping. Even when you are unsure, a little afraid, I see that you are resolute, and certain that God is with you. You encourage me, make me want to walk closer to God and trust. You show us all how to face adversity and do it with much Grace. I will continue to lift you up, believing in a God who will hear.