Friday, November 25, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness--Day 25

Day 25: I am thankful for AbbyDog. I will never ever forget when Abby came into my life. She was a tiny puppy whose ears were bigger than the rest of her body. We lived in a loft apartment (we were carefree newlyweds) and Abby couldn't climb the stairs because she would trip on her ears! She has been through five moves and three babies with us and never complained. When I was sick, she would lay in bed with me. On my darkest, most scary days, when I wanted to cover my head and never come out, my princess puppy was there loving me. She follows me everywhere I go, and she always is glad to see me when I come home. I love my dog!


Liz said...

Just she a basset hound? I only ask because I have a beloved basset myself & those long ears you mentioned reminded me of my Daisy!

wilsonfamily said...

She is such a sweetheart! I remember bringing her a bone when I brought a meal over for you guys after you had Cole. I think she still remembers that. ;) Very loyal and me some AbbyDog! :)