Wednesday, December 1, 2010

This and That

I know there hasn't been much activity on the blog lately, but that's really because there hasn't been much to say. Cancer, along with its many sorrows and joys, is still with me. The new maintenance regimen is much better than before, but it is still chemotherapy. It's difficult. I am having a CT scan next Tuesday, and a follow-up meeting with Dr. M on Thursday. We anticipate that all will be clear, as expected, and he will recommend marching forward with what I'm already doing. Still, there is much anxiety as the day approaches. I would appreciate your prayers.
Now, how about a little of this and a bit of that to catch up?
*Little Middle lost three teeth in four days. The Tooth Fairy is going broke. And he came home from school today with the announcement that another one is loose!
*I upgraded some of our Christmas decor this year. I figured after 12 years of marriage, we deserve a new tree skirt. Thank you, Hobby Lobby, for your over-the-top-after-Thanksgiving sales!
*Speaking of Christmas decorations, Hubby and Goliath hung lights outside. We want to do outside lights every year, but it doesn't always get done. Ahem. Anyway, while they were working, I heard maniacal laughter from the backyard. Turns out that Little Middle climbed up on the roof and JUMPED OFF onto the trampoline. Be still, my heart.
*Baby's favorite indoor "decoration" is the Little People nativity set. He is constantly rearranging the the animals and the characters, and pushing the angel down so she will "sing." He loves to sing along to Away in the Manger, and I cracked up when I heard his sweet voice sing "the little Bo Jesus laid down his sweet head." I mentioned that the right lyrics are "little LORD Jesus," and he said, "Hmmm. I always thought it was Bo Jesus." He keeps on singing it that way.
*Goliath is going to be Penguin #7 in the school Christmas play. It reminds me of this.
*I was totally blessed by two groups of MOPS moms from my church who adopted me as their "service project." One group took three baskets of our laundry to the laundromat, and the other group went to the grocery store for me. I literally wept when I saw the full refrigerator and the baskets of neatly folded clothes.
*Christmas came early for Hubby this year. He is the proud owner of his first new car since 1998. Believe me, he deserves it.
*I am on a personal mission to seek out joy this holiday season. It isn't coming as naturally to me as it usually does, so I am being very intentional about looking for it.
*While we were in Houston, my brother invited my boys over to his house for Nephew Camp. It might be the greatest thing that's ever happened to them--they are still talking about it! Baby now wants to get a Christmas tree to use in his room for a nightlight, because "that's what Uncle Phil let us have."
*I could probably construct a small temporary shelter with the lint I pulled out of my dryer today.
*Gus the dog is no longer my friend. He ATE the blue cover that goes over the trampoline springs, for crying out loud! What's worse, he doesn't much care what I think of him. He only has eyes for Hubby.
*Princess Puppy Love has stiff joints now that the weather is cold. Watching her struggle to get up and down (and I don't mean because she's plump) makes it easier to forgive finding her hairs on my new black sweater.
*I am not a fan of the new hair growing on my head. It is curly and it is the color of ugly dirt. The good news is that my eyelashes are finally growing back.
*When Hubby changed jobs back in September, we paid to COBRA our health insurance for about six weeks, until his new benefits kicked in. They were quick to take our money, but have yet to pay out one single claim that my doctor's office has made. What's more, we haven't been able to do much about it because we didn't get our ID cards until two weeks after COBRA was up. This has been so frustrating!
*Every single room in my house has at least a few silly bandz scattered around the floor.
*When I got up this morning, I got my glasses off my nightstand. It wasn't until I turned on the lights in the kitchen that I realized I was wearing my sunglasses.
*Goliath did a family tree project for social studies. I enjoyed helping him put together the information and telling him stories about the memories I have of my great-grandparents.
*One of my favorite things my husband does for me is to get the coffee pot ready every night. Each morning when I get up, there is already fresh coffee waiting!
*I bought something on Cyber Monday for the first time ever.


3 Girl Mommy said...

The boys told me about jumping off the roof. I asked them if their Mama knew about that, then I told them they were crazy! :)That's when Payton piped up that she wanted to do that. Of course she would!!! I think your boys are a bad influences on my girls!Hahaha!!
Your sunglasses....that's hilarious!!!
We can search for the joy together! I am having a hard time mustering it up myself....

What's next said...

I'm J.O.'s (from your church) aunt and wanted you to know that I am praying faithfully for you and your family.
we have a multitude of silly bands at on every surface at my house too!

bhayes11 said...

You've got my prayers for the CT scan - I just know all will be clear!

Heather said...

Hi this is cousin Heather,
I can third that looking for joy game.
I had a funny thought about you a little while ago. At Walmart I saw the cutest christmas bandanda and thought you might like them to have a change of pase and a little christmas joy around the house.
I pray for you often. I am having own trials with health that may keep you close to heart. Contact me if you would like to chat.

Shellie said...

Oh Allyson your sunglasses story totally made me chuckle out loud. :-) Love you friend.

Lisa Buffaloe said...

Praying for you, sweet Allyson!

Kia said...

I heard all about Little Middle's teeth falling out! I even gave him 3 "I lost a tooth stickers" I think he lost all 3 stickers at recess. :) I love you both and keep you both in my prayers!!

~ <3

That Guy said...

From the roof to the trampoline, eh?