Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ultimate Chemo Brain

My sister and her mister were in town this weekend for the Texas-OU game. I don't want to discuss the game itself, or the fact that they ate a deep-fried PopTart at the fair, so I will entertain you with a true story of chemo brain instead.
I fixed Waikiki Meatballs for dinner last night (thanks, Dee!) and there was enough to feed my hungry Seester when they got back from the fairgrounds. I fixed her a plate piled high with meatballs, rice, steamed sugar snap peas, and bread. I handed it to her, she set it down on the table and excused herself to the bathroom. While she was gone, I cleared the table of all remaining dishes,--including her untouched dinner--brushed all food into the trash can, and loaded the dishwasher. When Jenny came back to the kitchen, she said, "Hey, who took my food?" And you know what I did? I helped her look for it. Oh, yes, I did.
Thank you, chemotherapy, for destroying my brain cells but giving my family a reason to laugh at me.


Heather Ashley said...

Oh dear... but that is really funny! I'm so glad that cancer can't take your sense of humor!

And the idea of Waikiki Meatballs sounds great. Would love a recipe if Dee doesn't mind becoming famous. :)

Farrel said...

God bless humor. Some days it's the only thing that gets us through :)

Caroline said...

I love it!! What did she eat for dinner?

Vicki Biscay said...

My sister is going through treatment for recurrence of ovarian cancer. Love and laughter have been important to all of us. Your story made me laugh (appreciatively) and I've forwarded it to my beloved sister.

I know from your more recent posts that you are facing death and doing what you can and need to do. My heart goes out to you and your family. You are loved by even those who don't know you personally.