Friday, September 24, 2010

Good News

Several weeks ago, I gave a blood sample for the BRAC analysis test. In addition to all the "regular" cancer stuff, I have carried the weight of worry that people I love will be at a higher risk for cancer because of me. The BRAC analysis checks for gene mutations that would indicate the possibility of that happening.
Yesterday during chemo, Nurse Michelle pulled me aside and said that they had received the test results. She handed me a folder, and in the middle of long paragraphs of medical mush, these words jumped off the page at me: NO MUTATION DETECTED. The tests were negative. My Seester, my cousins, even my children are not at any greater risk for cancer than the average person walking down the street. Thank you, Lord. Michelle handed me a tissue for the tears that were falling, and all I could manage to say was, "I love them so much." And I do.
Now, just a touch of funny. Now that I have to go to chemo all by my lonesome during the maintenance phase, my mom and I have a plan worked out. I keep my phone close by my side and text her during the treatment. That way, she knows everything that is going on and I don't feel so lonely. Here is the series of texts that we exchanged yesterday:
Me: Oh Lord. Just got here. 2 old couples in the waiting room discussing the beauty of Mackinaw Island in the summer.
Mom: Don't make eye contact.
Me: In sick room. One bald head, 2 sleepers, 1 Bible reader with 4 bottles of water. Dr. M just came by and kissed my cheek.
Me: Houston, we have snoring.
Mom: Make up a song about the chemo room. "All I want is a room somewhere..."
Me: New addition who looks alarmingly like (someone we know), only taller.
Mom: How many can fit in the room??????
Me: 6. It's always full.
Me: Old lady a few chairs down has had a voice change b/c of chemo. She sounds like a man with a cold.
Mom: Oh no. The dreaded voice change.
Me: Sick lady is watching a how-to video on her computer about insurance--with no ear muffs!
(I once mixed up the terms "ear phones" with "ear muffs" due to chemo brain. My mother still is laughing about it.)
Mom: She should know muffs are a must in the chemo room.
I can't make this stuff up.


wilsonfamily said...

Thanks for the good laugh! :) Also, I'm so glad to hear about the results of the gene mutation test, that's awesome!!!

Lisa Buffaloe said...

You are such a blessing. I am rejoicing with you on the great news! God is soooo good to take away that worry.

Love the texts between you and your mom.

Sending happy, healing hugs!

Farrel said...

Congratulations on the awesome test results :)

Anonymous said...

Happy about the test results! Would be even happier if we could share some of the burden if somehow it would make it easier on you... And I loved spending time with you at the wedding. Could have talked to you for hours! :) - Emily

bhayes11 said...

That's fantastic news!