Thursday, July 1, 2010


Tonight during dinner Little Middle and I were playing the Opposites Game. It's a favorite around here: I say "up," he says "down." I say "white," he says "black." You get the picture.

After a few rounds, I asked him, "How are you and me opposites of each other?"

He said, "Well, you're big and I'm little." Right.

"You're a girl and I'm a boy." Uh huh.

"You're a grown-up and I'm a kid." Yes!

"I have hair and you don't." Ouch.

All the bravery and good humor in the world can't change the truth. And sometimes, the truth really hurts.


Kandice said...

You are still beautiful!!!

Mom said...

Oh, you are so beautiful! Don't be sad, Heart Girl.

That Guy said...

I'm sure you have a pair of clippers around there, somewhere...

bhayes11 said...

I'm so sorry - I think you are just beautiful - inside & out!
Betty H