Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kindergarten Graduate

My Little Middle graduated from kindergarten yesterday. Where did the year go? It seems like I just left him sitting at his little table on the first day of school, seeming very small and looking very much like he still needed me. Now he is a much taller, much more independent first grader!

Little Middle and his friends wowed their audience by demonstrating some of what they have learned this year. They said the pledges to the American and Texas flags, sang a string of songs, and showed off some awesome dance moves.

Then it was time for awards. As it should be when you are six years old, every friend got an award. But my kindergarten kid got THE award. At least, that's my humble opinion! I confess that my eyes filled with tears and my heart swelled with pride as I watched him accept his award for being the "Kindest Student." Mrs. W said that Little Middle is always the one who has a kind word to say or a helping hand to lend to anyone who needs one. It won't matter later on if he is the best artist or the quickest math whiz, but it will always matter how he treats people. This is a lesson he has learned well.

Daddy was unable to attend the graduation because of work, but Poppy was in town helping hold down the fort, and we were so glad he could come!

We finished the day with some celebration swimming in the backyard and a yummy dinner out at Freddy's. One more school day, and we will welcome summer!

Happy boys...proud mom.


bhayes11 said...

Love the video - how precious! What a sweetheart Little Middle must be - I know you are very proud - & rightly so.
Betty H

wilsonfamily said...

Congrats Cade! I'm so proud of you for having the kindest heart, I am not surprised by that. Love the last picture!!!

Lisa Buffaloe said...

Awwww the video was soooo sweet! I know you are all proud of your wonderful son. He definitely received the best award!

Praying for you, sweet Allyson!

Sowing Seeds said...

I've been reading your blog and often thought of leaving a comment. But, I always hesitate because you don't know me.

I attend Sugar Creek and when I see Mrs. Pat's update, I always stop here and say a little prayer for you. I was so moved by what you said. What people remember about us most is the way we treat others.

God bless you and we'll keep you on our prayer list.

Heather Ashley said...

I'm so proud of not-so-Little Middle! He has always been the kindest little boy, and I'm glad to see that he's still the same way in class as he is everywhere else.

Not sure his future career will be in dance, though... ;)

Give him a congratulatory hug from Ms. Heather, ok?

Jennifer and Jason said...

The picture of the brothers all jumping off the trampoline together into the pool needs to be blown up, framed and hung over the fireplace. So precious!