Saturday, October 3, 2009


For an early birthday present, my mom bought tickets to the Mary Poppins musical! She and my sister came to town this weekend for the big show.

We considered the inevitable Dallas traffic and my tremendous excitement, and left my house in PLENTY of time. We made it to Fair Park and managed to park the car in a field, cross 2 busy downtown Dallas streets, 3 grassy medians, and 2 train tracks without serious injury. Tickets to Mary Poppins afforded us free entry into the State Fair, so we spent about 30 minutes taking in the sights (although we were definitely overdressed for the fairgrounds!).

We had dinner reservations at a jazzy restaurant inside the Music Hall. It was a classy--and yummy!--buffet, but the food was made even better by the clever menu descriptions. We especially enjoyed the Spoonful of Sugar dessert bar.

After dinner, it was showtime! The show was FABULOUS. The playbill named several songs that were not in the Disney film, so I was wondering how different the musical would be. A lot of it was similar, but the producers put their own spin on parts of the story, and most of it was great! The acting was flawless, the dancing was wonderful, gravity was defied, and the music...OH, THE MUSIC! Magical.
It was the greatest birthday gift ever...a night that was practically perfect in every way.


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Momma Wolg said...

Sooo glad my musical friend got to do this for her birthday...what a great Mom. Glad it was as perfect as you imagined.
I can't compete with that for your birthday, but there will be cake. :) said...

I'm comparing the dates, and it appears we both went to the same show.