Thursday, January 1, 2009

Out With the Old, In With the New

In 2008, I.....
*had gallbladder surgery.
*witnessed a baby cow being born, WAY up close.
*forgave--but will never forget--Hubby setting the kitchen on fire, and the subsequent long-term flooring project.
*became a baseball mom.
*lost my Grandad to cancer.
*celebrated 10 years of marriage with my one-and-only. Babe, I love you!
*beamed with pride as my first-born graduated from kindergarten.
*made fantastic memories with my family on our vacation to Disneyland.
*survived my first earthquake, and hung Hubby's Associated Press article on the fridge.
*spent a fabulous summer in the sun, having fun with my boys.
*celebrated 1 year of being cancer-free!
*shared deep sorrow, great joy, and one really fun weekend with my Tuesday night sisters.
*experienced God's hand of protection during another cancer scare.
*thoroughly enjoyed a sweet time in Houston with my dad who played board games (?!?!?), my sister who is a new graduate with a bright future, my brother who has found tremendous healing and restoration, and my mom who has her Christmas groove back.
*spent my first Christmas at home and cooked my first-ever Christmas dinner.
I opened my eyes this morning to the first day of 2009. Happy New Year! I try not to make New Year's resolutions...I tend to set goals that are beyond the boundaries of the time, willpower, or ambition I have. It's a sure bet for failure--no thank you.
Instead, I like to think about the new year in a general terms. 2008 was overall a good year (anything beats '07!). There's always room for improvement, though, so here are a few things I will be working toward:
1. Simplifying
2. Quality, not quantity
3. Richness and depth in my relationships
4. True gratitude for life's blessings
5. Knowing God in a fresh, new way
Happy New Year!

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Clym Yeobright said...

He has come that we may have life, and have it to the full.

Happy New Year, beloved cousin.