Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Year, Better Me (and Other Goings-On)

I would have posted sooner, but I've been so busy keeping my New Year's non-resolutions! Here's a rundown of how 2009 is going so far:

*I joined a gym. If you know me, you know that this is HUGE. I hate to exercise, I hate to sweat, and I've worn the same pair of tennis shoes for 3 years. However, I also hate the shape my body has taken after 3 babies, 3 surgeries, and my intense love of carbohydrates. So...I'm off to the gym 5 mornings a week. So far so good.

*I resigned from my position as the Director of children's ministries at our church. Bottom line: fewer responsibilities and obligations=better mommy to my boys.

*The miserable sinus infection/cold that I had during the holidays has returned. Ick.

*Two things I'm addicted to (and waste a lot of time on): Facebook and iTunes.

*This Texas "winter" is driving me crazy. One day the boys are wearing shorts to play outside, and the next day we're searching for hats and gloves and roasting marshmallows in the fire. No wonder we're all sniffly.
*We took advantage of the long holiday weekend last week to do some home improvement. Little Middle and Baby's room got a major overhaul, including painting their bunk beds. It took the entire four days, but it was worth it!

*Hubby, who is a genius as far as I'm concerned, had some extra equipment lying around from work. He thought it would be fun and useful to install a Cisco phone system in our home. I'm not so sure...when my friend Lisa called the other day, he had to transfer her call to me. Weird.

*How did I live so long without a Bundt pan? I got a fabulous one for Christmas, and I use it all the time! Thanks, Mom!

*Goliath has had quite a time in social studies these last few weeks. He has become a mini-expert on Martin Luther King, Jr. and President Barack Obama. Check out his artwork:

I have a dream...that someday all men will have 2 ears.

Hail to the Chief...and his bright fuschia teeth.

*My mom, my sister, and I are making plans for a girls' getaway in March. Yay!

*Baby stubbed his toe and tore part of his toenail off. I'll spare you other details. It was pretty sore for a few days, so I gave him foot baths with epsom salt to help with the healing. He was so cute doing his "spa"!

*Baby knows his right from his left, and I have no idea where he learned it.


wilsonfamily said...

What an artist you have- WOW! I'm so proud of you for joining the gym. You are going to have more energy which you can never have enough of with little boys, right? It was great to spend some time with you guys this week. Miss & love you guys!

CRIM said...

i'm sure it was from his brothers who have had an awesome preschool teacher!!!

Kandice said...

Great post my friend!!! I didn't join a gym..but I did get a Wii fit..does that count??? I love reading about your you

The Horton Family said...

Your THREE year old knows right from left? And my SIX year old doesn't? How does that work?

Love you and yours. Agree about the weather. Sorry about the cold. And you ROCK - you can DO it! Good luck at the gym!