Saturday, August 9, 2008

Vacation, Part 3

On Wednesday, we went back to the beach. Baby did not care much for the ocean. In spite of my best efforts, every time the water even lapped at his toes, he would scream, "No water! Me go back, Mommy! Me go baaaacccckkk!!!!" He spent all of his time building sandcastles.

Little Middle was brave enough to venture out into the water. He swam with Goliath and let the waves carry him a few times. It didn't take long, though, before he was done and joined Baby on dry land.

Goliath LOVED the beach. If he had to choose between Disney and the beach, I'm not entirely sure which he would prefer. He and I had the most fun out in the water--nothing like swallowing gallons of salt water to make you laugh out loud!
After we got cleaned up and had eaten dinner, we headed out for ice cream cones. I won't even tell you how much ice cream cones cost in the tourist-driven economy of southern California! Let's just say we could have bought a few gallons of Blue Bell had we been home in Texas!!!

On Thursday we returned to Disneyland for our last day. Goliath and Hubby FINALLY got to ride Indiana Jones! We spent most of the morning going back to our favorite rides:

We returned to our hotel for an afternoon nap (this plan worked great for our family!), then went back into Disney for one last hurrah. We stayed late into the night so we could see the Fantasmic! show, watch the fireworks, and take turns riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad one last time--it was our favorite!

We returned home late Friday night, tired but very happy. The boys are already asking when we can go back to Disneyland--ha! Good times had, sweet memories made.

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