Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Addition

I have to interrupt the vacation blog-saga to introduce the newest addition to our family:

Everyone, say hello to Nigel:

I was not necessarily in favor of yet another pet, but to be fair, Goliath has had some issues since Ellie the guinea pig met her untimely demise. Hubby thought a new pet might help (especially with being afraid to sleep in his room at night), and turns out he was right. Goliath loves his bunny! And yes, I am very aware that "Nigel" is an unusual name for a rabbit. He claims he heard it on a TV show and determined it was the perfect name; we could not persuade him otherwise. So......welcome to the family, Nigel.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging.


The Horton Family said...

Welcome Nigel!!! I like your name and you look like a FABULOUS new addition to the H family! Glad to hear you've gotten Goliath a replacement for Ellie. Cute, cute bunny!

CRIM said...

my kids want a bunny - maybe i'll send them to your house - or better yet - tell them what happened to ellie - maybe that would desuade them of having their own pet!!! :-) come on - we have a dog as big as a horse what more could you possibly want??!!