Sunday, July 20, 2008

What Grows in the Nose?

This morning Baby's Sunday School teacher was chasing him with a Kleenex when he told her that he had a raisin in his nose. It did indeed look dark and ominous up there, so she came and got me. I took a look and asked him, "Baby, what's that in your nose?" "Is a waisin, Mommy," he answered sweetly. With a few clean tissues and some gentle persuasion, I realized the good news: There was not a raisin in Baby's nose.
The bad news: It was a blueberry.


3 Girl Mommy said...

OK, bluberry's up the nose and vomiting pennies. Does baby know that that is not what those holes are for?! This gave me a good laugh...glad you were able to get it out. My brother stuck a battery up his nose when he was little and had to be taken to the ER to get it out. Is it a boy thing?? I love Baby, he's so cute!!

The Horton Family said...

Sweet boy! GROSS! Glad you were able to get it out!

Clym Yeobright said...

Wait. I don't get it. What's wrong with having blueberries in your nose?