Friday, May 30, 2008

Something to Celebrate

Dear Hubby,
Happy Anniversary! I can't believe we're celebrating 10 years of marriage! In some ways it has flown by, and in other ways--well, it seems like we've been married FOREVER. So much has happened since May 1998! Job changes and more moves than I care to count. Becoming parents and bringing up boys. Achievements. Losses. Arguing. Making up. Cancer. Spiritual adventures. Planning. Discovering. Learning. Growing together.
Our wedding day is mostly a blur to me, but a few details stand out in my mind. Like standing in the back of the church on my dad's arm. All the activity, all the planning led up to that one moment when the doors opened and I took my first step down the aisle. I saw you and everything else melted away. Funny how I still feel that way. You are my balance and my calm when life swirls around me. You keep me focused and just one look or one word from you can reassure me that I'm OK.
We've been through a lot, haven't we? We had no way of knowing when we promised "for richer or poorer" that we would face lean times. We never could have imagined that "in sickness or in health" would bring us face to face with cancer. "For better or worse" is what we promised, and we meant it. I am so proud to be married to someone who is serious about me, serious about our children, and serious about what we're building. We are not even close to being the same two people who exchanged vows a decade ago. No, I think we are better. Better together than we ever could have been apart.
Thank you for being my companion, the father of my children, my best friend. You are my soulmate. I loved you when we said "I do", but the love I have for you on this day is deeper and stronger. Thank you for walking by my side down the path of life, and for carrying me when I couldn't walk on my own. Thank you for teaching me that we don't always have to agree, but we do have to make up and mean it. Thank you for making me laugh. Thank you for praying with me and for me. Thank you for loving our sons and being a good example to them. Thank you for being careful with my heart and loving me unconditionally. Thank you for being my partner, my husband.
I love you with all my heart. Here's to the rest of our lives and to living happily ever after!


Kandice said...

Happy Anniversary..your post sounds a little like mine from last week!!! I know he realizes what a catch he has too....

3 Girl Mommy said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! I am so happy for the two of you. Allyson, you are an awesome wife, mommy, friend and woman. To many more happy years together! Here-here!! :)

Sooo need that playdate. The girls are having "H boys" withdrawals!! :) :)

Grizbecte said...

Allyson, I am so thankful that my son chose you and you chose him. You have made him extremely happy these past 10 years! You are a wonderful mother, wife, friend and I thank God for you! Griz

Grizbecte said...

P.S. I have no idea why my name shows up as grizbecte??? Kinda bizarro!!!