Monday, June 25, 2007


Goliath loves to get mail. Every day he offers to get it from the mailbox, and then shuffles through looking for his name. Well, today is his lucky day! He got his very own mail. And not just any mail...Goliath got a credit card offer! It's irresistable, really. 0% introductory APR. No annual fee. Pick your own payment due date! AND, this particular credit card supports the American Kennel Association. He has the option of having the family beagle to adorn his card. I'd be surprised if he doesn't fill out the application this very afternoon with his special blue Crayola and mail it right back. They'll have to forgive his penmanship, however. He is a phonetic speller and his letters tend to run 3-4" in height. Wonder what kind of a credit limit a kindergartener can get these days?