Thursday, May 31, 2007

End of the Chapter

First, I must apologize because this post is a backtrack. I have wanted to write about Goliath's graduation from preschool, but it's been nearly 2 weeks since it happened. Part of me is sad and I feel like maybe if I don't write about it, it won't be true; and part of me wanted a picture to go with the post and I can never download them off the camera. I've been waiting for help.

So...two weeks ago a sweet chapter of Goliath's life book came to a close. He has attended preschool since he was 20 months old. This past year has been so much fun to watch him truly blossom socially, mentally, and spiritually. During the graduation ceremony I was thinking about how much he has changed in the past year. It doesn't seem that long ago that I was feeling unconcerned, like I had plenty of time left with him at home. Watching him march in with the other 5-year-olds to receive his preschool "diploma," however, I was panicky...this is IT, and come September, our lives will never be the same. Then, those precious little ones sang a song about how much God loves them. I was in tears (of course), but quietly reassured because I know that my baby will go to kindergarten knowing that he is loved. Loved by his mom and dad, but more importantly...he is loved by God.

He received a Bible of his very own as a graduation gift. He has been very interested in looking at the pictures and reading stories. I pray that as a new chapter of Goliath's life unfolds, he will learn the truths in that book and claim them for his own.

He is an amazing blessing to us, and we are PROUD

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Kandice said...

You know I know how you feel...but I must say the transformation in Caroline has been amazing..she really flourished in 5K...I can't believe he will be there next year though..I can remember zipping him up in his little sleeping bag thing at naps so he would quick rolling around :)